Why do dogs sniff each other under the tail

A dog is a pet that has become a helper, protector, companion and true friend for a person. They learned a lot from a person, adjusted to their life rhythm as much as possible, and never cease to amaze with their abilities. However, the life experience of dogs is passed down from generation to generation, from the time when they were wild and lived in packs. This is reflected in their behavior, character, and some of the oldest dog rituals are performed in our days. For example, many people are interested in the question, why do dogs sniff each other, and in rather delicate places? The answer is simple - so they get the maximum information about their relative.

Nature has decided - so be it!

To many, the dog’s increased interest in the “priest” of a fellow may seem like something abnormal, perverted. Inexperienced owners begin to delay, drive away the dog, who showed favor to their pet, considering this action a blatant tactlessness.

One of the dog owners, not understanding the essence of this action, decided to conduct a practical study. He got on all fours and sniffed his dog ... And so what? The man was completely disappointed, as he was not able to catch anything specific. And the thing is in the human sense of smell, it is significantly inferior to the dog.

Animals have special secretory glands that produce a specific liquid with a certain smell. Moreover, it is akin to our fingerprint - each individual has its own aroma. And so nature ordered that in dogs these glands are located on the rim of the anus.

Actively waving its tail, the dog spreads its aroma over a large area. Of course, such activity does not work with a person, but for other dogs it says a lot.

What is the smell from under the tail

In healthy dogs, the smell of secret is elusive to the nose of a person, or it is felt very, very weak. But for his brothers, he has a lot of useful information. What can this "personal" fragrance "tell" about?

  1. Age. The secretory fluid of puppies and dogs that have reached puberty does not have an individual smell. Thus, nature made sure that the animals remained invisible and their survival was higher.
  2. Physical abilities and power. In composition, the secret of animals of small size and large individuals is different and, accordingly, has a different aroma.
  3. Health status. The smell from under the tail of a sick dog becomes abnormal and signals that this individual is weak. In the wild, her inevitable death from claws and paws of stronger and healthier individuals would have awaited her. And what do you do, natural selection.

Nature has given abilities, and man has found application

There is a theory that a dog’s memory retains all the “individual canine odors” its nose has ever sensed. It is impossible to find an exact confirmation or refutation of this hypothesis, however, it is not uncommon when a pet, meeting a "childhood friend", begins to communicate with him like an old friend.

The habit of animals at a meeting to bury themselves under the tail of their brethren prompted people to use it for diagnostic purposes. Dogs quite often make it clear to companion owners that their pet is unwell. Laboratory studies were conducted that confirmed the effectiveness of such an innovative diagnostic method.

In 2004, the British Medical Journal published the results of a study proving that with cancer, the human body produces odorous substances, and the sensitive sense of smell of dogs allows them to feel it. These data made a splash in medical circles and immediately gained worldwide recognition.

What's in your smell

Now it becomes clear why, when meeting, the pet is interested in sniffing out the anal opening of other dogs. But owners may be alarmed by the fact that the animal treats its own area under the tail with no less attention. Is it worth it to worry if the dog often dips into this area and sniffs something out for a long time?

Experts are in a hurry to reassure - you should not worry about this. Sniffing and licking under the tail, the dog carries out an elementary hygiene procedure. In addition, this secretory fluid must be constantly "refreshed" - lick, so that a new secret appears.

Of course, it’s difficult for a person to understand all these physiological subtleties and it may even be unpleasant to watch the event itself, but you will have to put up with it or say goodbye to the idea of ​​having a dog.

When the smell signals problems in the body

Since the secret is an indicator of health, it can signal the ongoing pathological changes. If a dog starts to emit an unpleasant odor, and she herself sniffs and licks under her tail more often than usual, that is a reason for alarm.

Such phenomena may indicate one of two problems:

  • the dog became infected with worms - the pet should be given an anthelmintic;
  • metabolic disorder - in this case, the smell may be completely absent, but the consistency of the liquid changes - it liquefies or, on the contrary, thickens.

Another caveat - often in dogs there is a blockage of the paraanal glands, in this case, professional help is required. If nothing is done, the gland becomes inflamed, causing itching and soreness. Due to uncomfortable sensations, the animal begins to itch on the "causal" place on the floor and the ground, the delicate skin of the anus is injured, and the infection penetrates the wounds.

To avoid complications, you should consult a veterinarian who cleanses the anal glands. If this is not done, with the advanced form of the disease, surgical intervention to remove them may be required.

Features of the "dog" relationship

If you watch the meetings of dogs, you can see that they act according to a certain algorithm:

  • first - nose to nose;
  • then - they touch on each side;
  • and finally - interest in the anus.

This rule is iron, and animals of all ages and genders adhere to it. Only one phenomenon can unsettle a dog - sex drive and the aggression caused by it. If, having met a flowing female, the male does not feel competition, the traditional ritual of meeting does not change.

But if other males interfere with the situation, then the dog will not “open up” and immediately proceed to the third point, lowering the first two in order to be the first to fetch the necessary information “from under the tail” - is the bitch ready for mating?

But at this time he finds himself in a dangerous situation - competitors are not asleep and can attack, also without a greeting. Yes, and the "bride" can be very categorical. In the world of adult animals, arrogant sniffing under the tail can result in a slap in the face. For example, in wolves, only leaders and alpha females have the privilege of smelling anyone. The same behavior of puppies and young animals is strictly punished, and punishment awaits them both from the she-wolf, the leader, and from others.

Video about why dogs sniff each other under the tail

How to help your pet stick to the hierarchy

It will be easier for an unconscious puppy to master hierarchical subtleties if the owner understands them and helps the pet:

  • it is better not to let the pet brazenly climb over the older dogs;
  • while meeting other animals, it is worth holding the puppy or yanking if it starts to behave too stubbornly;
  • if nevertheless the doggie received bashing from his brothers, the owner is better not to intervene - in this way the pet will completely learn the lesson; Of course, provided that we are talking about dogs of approximately the same size.

No wonder the dog is called the best friend of a person, because its devotion, loyalty and desire to please its owner is impressive. But man should not be indifferent. The more the owner knows about his pet, the better he understands it and less often makes mistakes.

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