Trainer Dog Food Reviews

Among pet food there are not many products from Italian manufacturers, and as soon as something new appears, the owners show quite understandable interest. One of the "dark horses" was the Trainer dog food brand, serious controversy erupted around it. What became their reason, and what rations does the brand from Italy offer?

Trainer rations overview

The production of these products is carried out by Nova Foods, which is located in Italy. Once back in 2010, the manufacturer “blundered” and a batch of poor-quality feed was exported, for a long time having settled in the dog owners a distrust of this product. But since then, Nova Foods has not had such blunders, and the brand slowly but surely gained popularity even among experienced dog breeders.

On sale you can find several lines of rations "Coach", as they say, for every taste and budget:

  1. Trainer Top Breeder. Menu for pets leading an active lifestyle - working dogs, athletes or show-class individuals.
  2. Trainer natural. Daily rations, presented in the form of several menus - for large, medium or small breeds. The composition of the feed includes at least 30% of meat ingredients.
  3. Trainer personal. This line includes diets for dogs with special needs or an overly refined taste. Additional components of the feed are dried berries and antioxidants.
  4. Trainer Fitness3. A special formula designed for dogs prone to food allergies, as well as for animals with sensitive digestion.

Naturally, the owners of four-legged pets are concerned about the question - what do the Trainer diets consist of, and how much they correspond to the needs of the canine organism. It is worth considering the composition of the most popular menu of this brand - Fitness3 Trainet Puppy & Junior Mini Duck-Rice-Oil:

  • in the first place is rice - an excellent substitute for cheaper cereals, a low-allergenic component;
  • rice protein;
  • freeze-dried duck meat - is 1/5 of the total mass.

When compared with products of other brands. belonging to this category and intended for representatives of small breeds, the Trainer looks good. This is a hypoallergenic diet, so it is logical that its composition is not diverse. But it includes vitamins and minerals necessary for the dog. In addition, not all manufacturers produce such mono-protein menus with such a high digestibility.

The daily line is richer in meat ingredients, diets include vegetables, fruits and some medicinal herbs. The owner should carefully select the menu that suits his pet.

About the advantages and disadvantages

Many dog ​​breeders have already appreciated advantages feed brand "Trainer" and can highlight significant advantages:

  • The composition includes quality ingredients;
  • a sufficient amount of natural meat;
  • thanks to vitamin and mineral feed additives, the Trainer is full-ration;
  • reasonable price - when compared with similar products of more famous brands;
  • several lines consisting of various diets are produced;
  • the manufacturer offers a number of special menus for dogs with health problems - suffering from diabetes, obesity, urolithiasis, etc .;
  • the composition does not contain artificial additives and wheat - a highly allergenic and poorly digestible cereal.

As for cons, then the following can be noted:

  • in some menus of this brand the volume of meat is rather low;
  • food contains a lot of carbohydrates;
  • difficult to find in retail - more often buyers have to turn to online resources.

The menu of the Italian brand Trainer deserves attention, this is confirmed by the abundance of positive reviews from dog owners.

Trainer Dog Feed Video

Customer reviews

Lyudmila, owner of the likes:

"This is not our first pet of this breed, but the only one suffering from food allergies. By the way, huskies are averse to such a disease. Therefore, when the dog began to scratch and shake its ears, the skin was covered with dandruff, and our eyes began to numb, we were somewhat surprised , especially when the veterinarian diagnosed her with an allergy. The doctor recommended changing the food, and we chose Trainer Fitness. Fortunately, he approached the pet right away, and for six months now we have not recalled the unpleasant symptoms. "


“We are owners of a boxer dog kennel and feed both adult and offspring with Trainer food. Two litters have grown on it and have left for new families. Some new owners did not want to change this brand to another - and this is a very good indicator.”


“As a practicing veterinarian and owner of two golden retriever feeds, I recommend the feed. The trainer is happy with the good, balanced composition.”

The feed brand “Trainer” has established itself well, and many competent experts evaluate it positively. This means that dog owners can take a closer look at this product and, possibly, choose it to feed their four-legged pet.

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