Exekan for cats

If you are reading this article, you are most likely faced with a problem such as a pet allergy.

Of course, in no case can you self-medicate, only a veterinarian prescribes medicines. But if you have already been prescribed Execan for cats - in this material you will learn everything about this drug!

Instructions for use Exekan for cats

Indeed, Execan's sugar cubes are already well known to those owners of cats and cats who have noticed allergic reactions in their animals.

Execan relieves allergy symptoms well, because the product contains dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drug. Well, in addition, in the formula of Exekan there are also vitamins and amino acids, which was done by the developers in order to improve the functional state of the liver.

Therefore, the reasons for the appointment of Exekan are:

  • Eczema of an allergic origin;
  • Dermatitis (both acute and chronic).


Now - about how much to give the drug in time and volume.

If the cat weighs less than 5 kilograms, then she is given a half sugar once a day for 4 days, then the dose is reduced and already give ¼ cube 8 days in a row.

And for an animal weighing from 5 to 15 kilograms, the recommended dose for the first four days is 1 cube and ½ cube for another 8 days.

Advantages and disadvantages of Execan for cats

Execan will really work if given correctly, but you must understand that it will not cure allergies, but only temporarily relieve symptoms.

By itself, a sugar piece of a cat’s remedy cannot be fed.

Since the drug is outwardly indistinguishable from a simple piece of sugar, it can be mistakenly given to people.

There are side effects.


  • Pregnancy
  • Acute viral diseases
  • Diabetes

Side effects

When using Execan, vomiting is possible.

Reviews on the use of Exekan for cats

Helena: “I have a Canadian sphynx and it was obvious that allergic problems would not pass us. Moreover, the allergy often doesn’t appear, it’s just that the cat constantly itches before the bloody wounds. Exekan advised me a seller in a veterinary store a year ago. She started selling it to me. "We removed the allergy in 12 days. But because of the large amount of sugar, the cat began to sour eyes. Then I had to rinse them."

Daria: "My kitten, as in the cartoon, played with a ball of wool. So much so that he was all covered with big mounds that were felt under his fur coat. We called the veterinarian home and he ordered Exekan, and after him, to clean the liver," Tsamax " "Itching and bumps on the skin passed through four days without a trace. We don’t let the kitten in the basket with needlework be mischievous."

Nastya: “No matter how much I change the feed to my cat, the time still comes when he has an itch for food. For a long time I tried to cope with it myself, but in the end I ended up with the veterinarian who wrote Exekan. I immediately came across the fact that his cat she doesn’t eat in any form. She came up with a solution to dilute the medicine with water and pour it through a syringe. It helps pretty quickly, but the doctor warned that the drug should not be abused, it sits on the liver. "


The French manufacturer "Exekana" - the company Seva Sante Animal.

Her representative office is in Kiev //www.ceva.ua/.

And in Moscow //www.ceva-russia.ru/.

As for the cost, in Ukraine 1 blister (8 pieces) - costs 195 hryvnia, in Russia - 480 rubles.


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