How to give Dicinon to cats?

All necessary information contains instructions for using the drug Dicinon for cats. The tool is intended to stop and prevent bleeding of various kinds (most often capillary). The scope of the drug is quite extensive: it is used to treat human patients, cats and dogs.

Characteristics, composition and indications for use

The release of Dietion is carried out in the form of ampoules (125 or 250 mg each) and tablets (0.05 g and 0.25 g). The solution in ampoules is sterile and transparent. The tablets have a biconvex shape, white, most often they are used. The active substance of Dicinon is ethamylate.

Indications for use:

  • With bleeding inside the cat's body.
  • Capillary bleeding.
  • As a prophylactic after surgery (prevents the occurrence of internal bleeding).
  • Some other diseases.

Dicinon is used for internal bleeding, as it improves blood coagulation, increases the stability and permeability of capillaries, gives impetus to the formation of mucopolysaccharides. Due to this, the duration of bleeding decreases and the volume of lost blood decreases.

In this case, the drug does not affect the coagulation (coagulation) of blood, platelet count, fibrinolysis and prothrombin time.

Contraindications and side effects

It is far from possible to give Dicinon to a cat in all cases, since the remedy has contraindications:

  • It is forbidden to use the drug if the cat has tumor diseases of the blood or circulatory system.
  • When there are ailments of the kidneys and liver in a chronic form.
  • If there is a pathology of thrombosis or a tendency to thromboembolism.
  • Intolerance to glucose and lactose was noted.
  • The cause of bleeding was the use of drugs.
  • With individual intolerance to etamsylate (the main active substance) or auxiliary components of Diet.

If the dosage and intake are strictly observed, the drug is well tolerated by the cat.


Orally (inside) it is necessary to give the cat medicine in the form of tablets. Dose - one quarter twice a day.

Injections should be done twice a day intramuscularly, at a dose of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of body weight of a cat or cat. For intramuscular injections, the cat's shoulders and hips are suitable. It is better if the veterinarian does the injections.

The rules of the intramuscular route of administration of Dietion:

  • The muscle to be injected should be relaxed.
  • There is no need to treat the area of ​​the skin where the injection will be made with disinfectants (for example, ethyl alcohol).
  • The syringe must be sterile.
  • During drug administration, the needle is inserted deep into the muscle tissue by a maximum of one centimeter.

The diet, the international name of which is Etamzilat, is included in the group of vital medicines (the price for them is established by health protection institutions). The most common analogues: calcium chloride, aminocaproic acid, vicasol.

Optimal for Dietion storage is a temperature of no more than +25aboutC. The storage location should be dry, access to the drug for children is necessarily limited. The tool retains its properties for three years. After the expiration date, which is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging, the drug becomes unusable.

Reviews about Dicion are mostly positive. The drug is relatively inexpensive and easy to find on sale.

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