How did a man tame a cat?

Modern man uses the fruits of the labor of his ancestors, who built the foundation for the future progress of our civilization. One of the activities of the ancients was the taming of wild animals for their needs. Today we’ll talk about how a person tamed a cat, what problems he encountered, what benefits he gained.

History reference

Scientists still can not determine the estimated date of domestication of representatives of the wild cat family. The first conclusions of the experts took place thanks to the discovered burial of a person with a four-legged pet.

The grave is dated to the 8th millennium BC, and the sacred place is on the island of Cyprus.

However, most studies put forward the theory that the cat was first tamed in Egypt. A developed civilization respected furry animals; on the banks of the Nile there were cults worshiping cats.

The person who harmed the animal was severely punished by the local authorities, and the removal of fluffy from the borders of Egypt was punishable by death.

After a couple of decades, cats entered the territory of Ancient Greece, and then the Roman Empire. The local residents highly appreciated the possibilities of pets - they were used to protect the granaries from the invasion of rodents. Food problems were acute enough to succeed in an “innovative approach”.

Some patricians and influential citizens of Rome paid a lot of money for the delivery of Egyptian cats, so the risk of death was reinforced by the possibility of a comfortable existence.

Roman laws also severely punished the person who committed the massacre of the four-legged, but prohibitions on distribution were not introduced. So independent relatives of tigers came to Europe.

Dark years

Despite the fact that the cat was domesticated for a long time, the role of pets was fixed only in the XII-XIV centuries. Fashion has spread from the territory of the British Isles, and in Russia fluffy was revered as unsurpassed rodent hunters.

With the advent of the Inquisition era, hard times came for both man and the four-legged comrade. The worldview grafted by religion made us believe in the diabolical origin of cats, especially black ones. Until the XVIIII century, pets were exterminated throughout Europe, then came the long-awaited remission.

It is important to know

In 1871, the first cat show was held, which finally won the status of pets.

Assimilation problems

  • Obviously, people did not manage to domesticate cats immediately - success was accompanied by years of painstaking work to establish trusting relationships.
  • Our ancestors used "feeding" tactics, gradually tying wild cats to everyday food. Over time, several representatives of the caudate tribe become guests in the possessions of man, which marked the emergence of a new pet.

It is important to know

Scientists believe that the cat was domesticated before cattle and dogs. Such selectivity is dictated by the emergence of crops and the need to protect the fruits of human hands, the origin of proud hunters.

Instead of a conclusion

The first tamed cat, for sure, had a nasty character, because even today freedom-loving and independent notes in behavior appear. Daily feeding and cleaning the "toilet" makes you think about who tamed whom.

After all, the initial function of cats is no longer so relevant, and the aesthetic component is rapidly losing ground before the achievements of the technological age.

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