Gamavit dosage for cat

The dosage of Gamavit for cats can be prescribed correctly if you figure out what the drug is: in what cases and how it is taken. A detailed study of his instructions and consultation with a veterinarian will help.

Gamavit is a sterile medicine for injection. He has a scarlet shade. Variants of containers that it is packed up: 6, 10 and 100 ml. In the place of its storage should be dark and dry, and temperature indicators: 2 -25 degrees.

In the composition of Gamavit, such components are active:

  • Sodium Nucleinate
  • Extract from the human lapenta.

Indications for use of gamavit:

  • Maintaining a cat in stressful cases (travel, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Recovery of the immune system after viral diseases.
  • Removal of intoxication after poisoning.
  • Tissue recovery after injury. Removing the shock state of the animal.
  • Development of performance, improvement of physical potential.
  • Facilitation of the birth of a cat.
  • Minimizing the toxic effects of worms.
  • The fastest weight gain with a very weakened body, dystrophic symptoms in both cats and their newborn cubs.

Principles of using Gamavit.

Gamavit is usually given to cats and cats, although it can also be administered to dogs. The dosage of gamavit varies depending on the type of disease and situation. The method of its administration depends on this.

Intramuscular. Indications:

  • Prevention of anemia, restoration of strength after viral infections or operations, strengthening the immune mechanism. Dosages: 1 ml per 1 kg of cat. Frequency of injections: from 1 to 3 times a week. Duration: 2-4 weeks.
  • Reception before a stressful event for the animal. Dosage: 0.1 ml per kg. Frequency - 1 time or 8, 6, 4 or 1 day before the planned event.
  • With helminthic lesions and infectious ailments. Dosage: 0.5 ml per 1 kg. Intensity - 3 times a day. Duration: 3-5 days. At the same time, other therapeutic agents are included in the appointment.

The dosage and administration of Gamavit in a similar way in combination with anthelmintic drugs is as follows: 0.3 ml per 1 kg. The procedure is carried out on the day of deworming. Repeats in a day.

Subcutaneous injection method is used:

  • A) In order to improve offspring. The medicine is administered a week before the birth and on the eve of them. Dosage: 0.05 per 1 kg
  • B) When you need to increase body weight and support the vitality of kittens. Dosage: 0.1 ml per 1 kg. Days of admission: the first, fourth and ninth after birth.

An intravenous injection is required for severe poisoning. Dosage: 0.5 - 1.5 ml per 1 kg. 2 times a day.

Injection technique

  • The intravenous method is the hardest. It is carried out only by specialists
  • Intramuscular ... Injections are placed in the hip and shoulder area. You need to hold the animal and make an injection quickly. An insulin syringe is used. The maximum depth of administration is -1.5 cm.
  • Under the skin. This is the easiest way. Gamavit stabs into the withers area. The skin is neatly pulled. The injection is done carefully and quickly. The needle should enter freely.

The effectiveness of Gamavit with the right dosage and its storage will be manifested with the end of the treatment course.

It is important to know such nuances.

  • If the medicine changes color, discard it.
  • 2. Use gamavit immediately after opening.
  • Gamavit does not cause apathy in cats.
  • It is not necessary for very small kittens and very cowardly individuals to stab Gamavit.
  • You can give the drug to a cat or cat in the form of a drink. A few drops are added to the water.


An ampoule of 6 ml costs 50-80 rubles.

Price capacity 10 ml: 85 - 140 rubles.

The 100 ml option will cost 750 - 900 rubles.