Antiallergenic Cat Food

A pet cat is a joy for every member of the family. And his health is a concern, because how cheerful and active he will be depends on him. Often an allergy to food can be an unpleasant surprise. A hypoallergenic food for cats is suitable for such a pet. Proper care and good nutrition - the key to a long and happy life for any pet.

Why is cats allergic?

Unfortunately, allergies are far from a rare disease in cats. Household chemicals, medicines, and even ordinary dust can be an allergen. But food allergy is more common. Since it is not always possible to accurately diagnose it, its symptoms are often similar to other diseases, it is important to consult a veterinarian, take tests and choose treatment tactics.

How is food allergy in cats?

Symptoms of the disease are as follows.:

  • flaky, reddened skin in the area of ​​the ears, armpits, groin, on the legs and even the muzzle,
  • itchy skin, hair falls out at the place of peeling,
  • allergen can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

There are a number of components that can trigger food allergies. These are dairy products, which, according to many people, like cats, fish, some types of meat, corn and wheat. Veterinarians generally agree that fish and milk should be excluded from the diet of a pet.

Some types of prepared feeds may also contain proteins or other ingredients that may provoke an inadequate response from the body. Therefore, it is recommended to exclude such food from the cat's diet and replace it with an anti-allergenic cat food. It is important to follow a diet and not give any additives from your table. This is what can aggravate the condition of the cat.

What hypoallergenic food is recommended

Almost every major food producer for animals has this kind of feed. They have the best balanced components and exclude protein, which can be an allergen for a cat: beef and chicken protein. We will present several brands from large manufacturers, it is up to you to decide which anti-allergenic cat food you will choose:

  • Royal canin. It is this brand of food that veterinarians recommend primarily for cats prone to allergies. Types of hypoallergenic feeds from a well-known manufacturer during the diet will help to avoid unpleasant symptoms of the disease, while maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Purina HA Hypoallergenic Canine. Professional food for allergic cats. Suitable for pets of any age, both for kittens and for aging individuals. It is noted as the best hypoallergenic food for kittens. It is easily absorbed, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, effectively removes the symptoms of the disease, and animals readily consume it. The composition contains lamb meat, mineral supplements, fish oil and other quality ingredients.
  • BILANX Sensitive. For adult cats with problem digestion, veterinarians recommend this food, which effectively eliminates allergy symptoms and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system due to its easily digestible composition. Lamb and rice are ingredients that provide an optimally comfortable ratio for an allergic pet. Mineral components in the composition strengthen the immune system.
  • Brit. Super-premium product with lamb and salmon meat is easily digestible and ideal for cats allergic to food allergies. Hypoallergenic food and nutrients in its composition help the proper development of the cat’s skeleton, and a set of vitamins and minerals slows down the pet’s aging.
  • Pro pac. The unique composition of this food is suitable for cats of all ages. The source of protein is meat meal, which does not cause unpleasant allergy symptoms. Not all pets are satisfied with the taste that a hypoallergenic food has, which cannot be said about this product. Its composition is ideally selected even for the most demanding gourmet. Lack of dyes and chemicals add another plus to this feed. Your cat will look healthy, peppy, with a beautiful coat with a healthy shine.

Of course, such feeds belong to an expensive category, since they are marked with the markings “Premium” and “Super-premium”. They are sold only in veterinary clinics or pharmacies. As an alternative to food allergies, replacing protein with easily digestible components. Cheaper hypoallergenic food may not give the effect that many expect from it.

The only plus of economy feeds is their price, which is based on a composition based on soy and cheap components that not only allergy sufferers will not like, but can also add unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Choosing food for a cat suffering from food allergies, especially manifested in food, it is better to bet on high-quality hypoallergenic food from trusted reputed brands. They value their name and are constantly improving their product lines for furry pets. No need to be afraid to give the cat hypoallergenic food, its composition is balanced and useful.

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