What is better food for nursing cats?

For recently born cats it is recommended to use specialized food for nursing cats.

It is necessary to feed nursing cats separately from other pets, if any, in the house. The diet of a nursing cat should include:

  • protein compounds;
  • easily digestible fatty acids;
  • a large amount of carbohydrates;
  • vitamin complex.

Within two days after the birth of the offspring, the cat can refuse the proposed food and drink only water. After 48 hours, the appetite returns to the mother in triple volume, because during this time the kittens sucked out all the substances with mother's milk.

The pet’s diet must be treated responsibly, the content of all substances must be in equal amounts, otherwise it is possible to provoke the development of diseases of an immature organism.

The diet should be selected so that it can saturate the body and at the same time it is not too heavy for the stomach. Before feeding, it is recommended to warm the food to 32 degrees and feed the animal 5 times a day (it must be remembered that the portion feeds not only the cat, but also the kittens).

Categorically you can’t give a large amount of food at once, you need to gradually increase the portion.

Foods to include in the daily diet of a recently born cat

Feeding a pregnant and lactating cat should often be in small portions to avoid obesity.

First of all, it is meat (all types of meat products are welcome, except for pork). Cut the meat product into small pieces and start giving the cat about 7 days after giving birth (a week after the kittens started drinking mother’s milk). The content of meat products in a portion should not exceed half a portion of the daily diet.

Fish products, fish. For cats that have given birth and not only, fish should be selected with the least amount of fat (carcass hake, back of salmon, saury, sardines). In the first few days after birth, all food is recommended to be made on a broth of the above fish.

Dairy products. It is better to dilute the milk slightly with a small amount of water if it contains a large percentage of fat content. You can also offer a baby cat a low-fat kefir, cottage cheese (unsweetened), bifidoyogurt.

Fresh vegetables - a storehouse of vitamins for a young mother. Vegetables are gradually introduced into the cat's diet, approximately on the 14th day of the period of feeding the kittens. Not all cats accept vegetables, so you can simply grind them on a blender or grater, and mix with porridge and meat.

What can be given to a cat from vegetables:

  • Fresh carrots;
  • Zucchini (raw);
  • White cabbage;
  • Cucumbers
  • Sweet pepper.

Introduce only one new product per day into the diet in time to identify a possible allergic reaction to the product.

Porridge - make up for the loss of protein, fiber and other useful trace elements. Regular use of porridge improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the metabolic process. It is recommended to give porridge in a semi-diluted form (frequent feeding with “cool” porridge can lead to inversion of the intestines). You can give such cereals as: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal.

Chicken eggs can be given in very small quantities and very rarely. If the owner of the cat decided to give her some eggs, it is better to use quail eggs.

Vitamin top dressing. It’s quite difficult to calculate all the substances that a cat receives from his own cooked food. All veterinary pharmacies sell special minerals and fortified feeding for nursing cats. Before buying this type of top dressing, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as each cat has an individual organism and can react differently to one substance or another.

A prerequisite for the well-being of the cat that has given birth is the presence of fresh water.

Dry food for cats

On the package with food must be marked "food for nursing cats", and select a class not lower than "premium". Well-established manufacturers of food for nursing cats:

  • Ralston purina
  • Eagle pack
  • Hill's
  • Royal canin
  • Mars
  • Harrison pet products

It is impossible to feed a cat with dry food, avoiding other products - it is necessary to combine canned food and dry food. Sometimes, as a treat, you can feed a nursing cat with wet food. Before using such foods, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how to feed cats with food.

By the first month of life, kittens can already be gradually introduced bait. Again, when choosing food, you need to carefully monitor that there is a note “for kittens” on the packaging.

Watch the video: How to Take Care of Nursing Cats - Feeding (January 2020).