Cat's eye is leaking what to do

Probably, each owner of a mewing pet was faced with the fact that the cat has leaking eyes. This is a very common problem. And the reason is that each, without exception, cat can suffer from this. Why? Let's look at the reasons why there is a discharge from the eyes of a fluffy, and what needs to be done for those for whom the health of the pet means a lot.

Symptoms to Watch

A disease or a common occurrence? When you notice that your cat's eyes are leaking, before taking any measures, it is worth observing and analyzing the behavior and habits of the animal in order to understand whether this disease is dangerous, or your pet’s usual phenomenon for their family.

What do you need to pay attention to? Let's answer some questions.:

  • Is your cat still having fun and carefree time, or has he become unsociable and is even hiding from you?
  • Has the baby's appetite changed?
  • How does a pet react to sunlight?
  • Are there injuries or scratches in the eyes?
  • What is the color of eye discharge in cats? Are they transparent with a gray or red tint? Or is it purulent secretion?
  • Has the color of the eye changed?
  • Has the pet's temperature increased?

Perhaps when you answer these questions, then you will clearly understand that there is no particular reason for concern. And the appetite is normal and the behavior has not changed, and the cat’s eyes are flowing with a tear-like substance.

Then a logical question arises: why does the cat have leaking eyes? And the next question: what to do to save a pet from this?

But before we try to answer these questions, we must admit that not all forecasts are so optimistic. There are those who noticed that the behavior, appetite and habits of his pet have changed, a wound is visible in the eye or discharge is clearly purulent. To all owners of sick animals, we are also ready to help. So why do pet eyes watery?

The reasons that the cat's eyes are watery

Consider the first option when lacrimation is not a disease

Why can there be a problem with the organs of vision if the animal is healthy?

There are several good reasons for this.:

  • Unsuitable diet for your cat.
  • There are breeds, for example, Scottish, in which the structure of the muzzle, in particular, the tear duct, is such that it seems that the cat constantly has an eye flowing.
  • The cat slept for a long time, as a result, a similar problem may arise.
  • The cat does not have allergies, but some aggressive components of chemistry, hygiene products, cleaning and detergents, medicines, etc., can cause an allergic reaction, a sign of which will be discharge from the eyes.

All of these cases are common. But this only speaks of temporary discomfort Murka. The reason will leave, the eyes of the cat will not leak. These are tears. And do not sound the alarm if it turns out that they have some unusual color, for example, slightly cloudy, reddish or grayish.

Although you need to watch the cat for a while. If the reason that caused the problem goes away, or we neutralize it, and the kitten continues to “cry,” then most likely the pathogen is in something else and the problem is much deeper.

Moreover, the tears themselves do not look attractive. And even if the problem itself is only in aesthetics, but it needs to be solved. To do this, there are suitable and inexpensive methods and affordable tools that can be found in every home.

Consider the second option, when if there is a reason due to which the cat's eyes can water, and she is actually sick. What kind?

Here are the most common and common:

  1. Even a domestic cat can have parasites. And the eyes that flow show it.
  2. Any kind and complexity of injury. The cat had a fight and the enemy cut his eyes, or our tomboy fell off the closet and bruised his head. These and other injuries can underlie a very complex process that will cause the eye to fester.
  3. Infectious inflammation of the conjuncture is something that many of our pets face because of their free lifestyle or our inept handling of them.
  4. Bacteria and fungi. It is difficult to completely neutralize this cause. But it is possible to quickly cure the organs of vision of cats, if you start the right treatment.
  5. Allergy. Did you know that our four-legged friends are very sensitive and all the means that we use to clean our homes harm them very much. But this is not all, often, in the pursuit of economy, we can harm the pet if we choose care products for low-quality cats.
  6. Intolerance to certain drugs also leads to the fact that kittens develop a reaction when their eyes flow.
  7. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eye. This disease can occur due to any type of injury: bruised eyelids, chemical burns, cuts or tears. But this does not stop there. Further infection gets into the wound due to the fact that viruses and microbes can freely enter the eye. The eye swells and begins to fester.

The reasons are all serious enough, so as not to delay, start treating your cat. After all, the matter is not only in the appearance of the puss, but also in the fact that he feels great discomfort, his eye itches and itches. And, starting to scratch him, he further exacerbates the problem. The wound does not decrease, but increases, which means that the area of ​​access to microbes and viral infections increases. Yes, and his paws are not so clean, but he infects them.

Our decision to cure a cat is ripe, and I want to do it quickly and at no particular cost. That is why many people decide to treat at home, armed with old grandfather's means and Wikipedia, which should know everything. But there is a huge and significant minus in all of this. Which one? Think about it! Do you know exactly what caused the disease of your pet? We found out that there can be several reasons. But why exactly do your fluffy eyes run down?

Even if it seems to you that you definitely know the answer to this question, then do not rush, being afraid to harm your pet. Best act for sure. To do this, you should consult a doctor.

Treatment and prevention of diseases of the organs of vision

Everyone knows the golden rule of medicine: the first step to recovery is an accurate diagnosis. So, treating a cat that has watery eyes is best when we visit the veterinarian. He will examine the eye, perhaps take tests and ask about the disease, how it started and how it went. And only after that decides what to appoint.

What can help if the cat's eyes are flowing:

  • Eye wash with a warm broth of chamomile;
  • Washing with furatsilin;
  • A solution of boric acid (for 50g of warm water you need 1 tsp. 0.02% acid).

These funds act gently. They sometimes need to be used as a prophylaxis. The main condition is not to hurt the eye with a coat or bandages. That is why the swab is dipped in solutions and decoctions. And they are not guided through the eye, but squeezed out to drip into the eye. And so it needs to be done several times. It is advisable to use a new cotton swab for this.

If the problem is more complicated, then washing alone will not be enough. Gently pull the lower eyelid and lay the cream with an antibiotic there. What remedies :: creams and drops are recommended to be used if tears flow in cats:

Tetracycline ointment,

A solution of hydrocortisone and novocaine (from swelling),


Special funds purchased as prescribed by a doctor in veterinary pharmacies.

All this is advisable to apply only as directed by a doctor. Then you can count on the speedy recovery of your pet.