The cat has black discharge from the eyes

Discharges from a pet from the eyes are the norm if they are transparent and there are not many of them. You should be wary if you find black discharge from the eyes of a cat.

Transparent liquid on the eyes may appear as a result of a reaction that protects the animal’s eyes from environmental factors (wind, dust). The same reaction can occur if an irritant enters the nose of the pet. In cats of Persian breeds, lacrimation is noted after sleep. This is due to the structural features of their heads. That is, if the animal feels well and the fluid released from the eyes is clear, then the cat is healthy. If she has acquired a certain shade, then it's time to start worrying.

Causes of black discharge from cat's eyes

If an adult cat has black discharge in front of her eyes, this may indicate the occurrence of various diseases in her. There are several reasons for such deviations:

  • Respiratory infection.
  • Herpesvirus.
  • Chlamydia

Injury to the eye can also cause black discharge. Without proper treatment, the eyes may begin to fester. The reason for this is infection. If the excreted substance takes a brown color, then the cat has obstruction of the nasolacrimal canal.

Is black discharge from cats eyes dangerous

By themselves, black discharge from the eyes of a cat does not carry any danger and does not affect its vision. However, they become a signal that your pet may have health problems. Despite the fact that the animal may be in its usual state, you need to seek help from a veterinary center. In order to make a diagnosis, the veterinarian prescribes an analysis of the flushing of the separated eyes.

Diagnostics includes visual inspection of the animal. In this case, mechanical damage to tissues may be detected. If a part of the visual organ such as the cornea is damaged, then the discharge will be brown. The animal may feel discomfort or pain. This is easy to notice by his behavior. Anxiety, frequent blinking or squinting of the damaged eye is an occasion to immediately contact a veterinarian.

How to cure a cat

In addition to treating the underlying disease, the symptom of which was increased secretion of the lacrimal glands and a change in their color, attention should be paid to hygiene of the visual organs. It is possible to remove black discharge from a cat’s eyes with solutions of furatsilina or boric acid. They will not only clean the pollution, but also give an antibacterial effect. Solutions can be replaced with strong tea, chamomile broth or just warm water. In some cases, antibacterial drops are prescribed to the cat.

Instructions for use of solutions

So that the animal does not hurt and the procedure has brought about an effect, it is necessary to responsibly approach eye washing. To do this, follow these rules:

  • Ask someone for help. Let one participant in the procedure wash their eyes and the other hold the animal tight.
  • Take a clean cotton swab. Wet it with a solution, broth or water.
  • If the pet’s eyelids stick together, gently pre-moisten them with a solution until they open.
  • Blotted adhering eyelashes with a wet swab in the direction from the nose to the corners of the eyes.
  • Squeeze out the liquidcrammed into a tampon in the cat’s eye.

Tampons must be wet. Dry cotton can injure an injured eye even more. Solutions are better to use warm.

Please note that if your pet has black discharge on the eyes, there is no need to self-medicate. You can harm the cat’s health. Contact your veterinarian immediately for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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