Cute strabismus cats

In small kittens, pupils constantly look up and down, it is possible that in different directions. It looks uniquely funny. But sometimes, in some cases, adult cats also have strabismus. A cat with slanting eyes is interesting if it is a thoroughbred animal. Pathological deviation in pets is easy to diagnose. In order to visually determine whether strabismus is present or not, it is possible to press the upper eyelid and if the image of the cat’s eyes is bifurcated, then the kitten has strabismus. What are the reasons for the squint of these cute animals?

About the device of eyeballs

In order to correctly assess where the problem comes from, one should have the simplest knowledge of zoology. The cranium contains eyes, the location of which depends on the tone of the smooth and transverse muscles and on the fat layer. In this case, the normal structure of the orbit is important. If at least one of the above conditions is violated, the position of the pupil begins to be lost and the development of strabismus begins.

The movements of the eyeball depend on the muscles. The last few: upper, lower and straight. Each of them is equipped with nerves, connected with a skull. To ensure the normal function of the visual apparatus, synchronous operation on the left and right apples is necessary. No less important is the function of the vestibular apparatus. The position of the eyes in space depends on the position of the head. At a damaged vestibular apparatus strabismus begins to develop.

Causes of Strabismus

Why does a kitten have slanting eyes? After a skull injury or a change in the functioning of the eye muscles, it is possible that a violation of the coordination of the eyeball movement will occur soon. Such a deviation in a cat can be one or two-sided, depending on damage to the muscles or nerves. This is especially noticeable in the photo.

List of reasons:

  • Siamese furry dogs have a congenital pathology.
  • A kitten can become cross-eyed after receiving an injury, for example, when falling, hitting its head against hard objects, with a neoplasm on the eyeball and other cases.
  • Disruption of the vestibular apparatus and nervous system.

A caring owner should monitor his kitten and consult a specialist for any occasion. Why did the cat have slanting eyes? Is it necessary to treat the "oblique" looks of your favorite kittens?

How can strabismus be recognized

The detection of deviations is not always successful. To do this, it is recommended to turn to Internet resources to determine it yourself.

List of methods:

  • You can inspect with appropriate lighting, while paying attention to what position the pupil is in relation to the outer shell of the eye. This method will tell you how the pupils are oriented.
  • Violation of the location of the pupils relative to the vertical and horizontal, but if the pupil is round, then this method will not work, the picture is blurred.
  • With the lower eyelid lowered, the eye is directed to the side, although the pupil is dilated, but does not respond to light.

Using these simple methods, you can identify a disease in a kitten.

Acquired strabismus must be treated, since inflammation of the inner ear is possible. A correctly diagnosed at birth diagnosis will help a furry friend gain health and avoid relapse. The duration of complex therapy depends on the degree of development of the pathology.

About the breed of cats

Strabismus is not always a deviation from the norm. There are also such breeds of cats as Spangles and Jarvis. They have an unusual look and will attract lovers of these amazing animals. A snow-white cat and its slanting eyes - it looks great. His photos are posted on the Internet. The breed of cats with slanting eyes is unique and requires special care.

Watch the video: Kitten strabismus looking at me (February 2020).