What to do to the owner if the cat asks the cat

Many owners of cats complain about the same problem - the pet begins a period of estrus. The piercing sounds that she makes at the same time are the male’s call for mating. What to do when a cat asks for a cat? The answers are in this article.

What is estrus

The estrus is a natural physiological process that is characterized by constant sexual arousal in the female. This period begins when the animal’s body is fully prepared for the process of reproduction and offspring production.

The puberty period in these animals is from 5 to 1 months. It depends on the pet’s health level, weight, nutritional quality, breed and individual characteristics, as well as heredity.

An important aspect of the onset of estrus is the presence of a mature cat nearby. If there is a male nearby, then the pussy wants closeness more often and more intensively.

How long is the estrus

The average duration of the estrus process is from 5 to 10 days. The optimal period is 5-6 days. If the process lasts more than 10, or less than 5 days, then this is an occasion to immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

In giving birth, or at least once mating females, estrus occurs about 1 time in 3 months, sometimes 1 time per year. In nulliparous, this process is more frequent - from 1 time in 2-3 months to once a month.

If the pet’s natural desires were not satisfied, then everyone suffers - both she and the owners. Frequent hormonal surges are physically difficult for her and can cause irreparable harm to her health. Therefore, measures must be taken to avoid this.

How to understand that a cat is in heat:

  • She yells constantly and loudly (especially at night).
  • He purrs often and for a long time, rubs against furniture.
  • Rides on the floor.
  • Puts specific smelling marks.
  • If it is stroked towards the tail, it begins to arch its back and substitute the pelvis.
  • Completely or partially loses appetite.
  • Transparent or bloody discharge on the genitals is possible.

Methods of regulation of sexual hunting

Sterilization and castration

These are the most radical methods of solving a problem. After the sterilization operation, the cat will have ovaries forever, and castration - the ovaries and the uterus. Sex hormones will cease to be produced and estrus will cease for life.

This procedure is recommended for females aged 7 months to 10 years.

During this period, the body will tolerate the operation well and no complications will happen. All that is needed from the owner is minimal care for the animal and a visit to the clinic for the final removal of stitches. After 10 years, sterilization and castration can cause complications and even provoke the death of the animal. If the cat asks for the cat, then it is best to carry out the procedure before the first mating, in which case the success rate is higher.

Contrary to popular belief, castration and sterilization do not negatively affect either the health or the nature of the pet. On the contrary, the body is not tired of numerous hormonal jumps and debilitating childbirth. In addition, uterine cancer and other diseases of the reproductive system are completely excluded.


In the event that the prospect of handing out kittens in good hands does not scare you (or plan to engage in pedigree breeding), you can organize a mating. The main thing is to choose the most healthy candidate for the "suitors". In no case should you use a male who is a relative of your pet for this - their children can be born weak, with deviations, or even dead.

Calming a cat when she asks for a cat can be done by knitting. It should occur no earlier than after 3 estrus (the optimal age of partners is one and a half years). During this time, the animal’s body is fully strengthened and prepared for subsequent fertilization and childbirth. Before mating, it is recommended to check the animals for the presence of fungal, viral and other diseases.

It is very desirable that at least one of them is already "untied", that is, mated earlier.


The cat asks the cat what to do at home? This question is often asked by the owners of furry favorites. A good way out of the situation is to take special sedative drops. Most often they are made on a homeopathic basis - herbs and plants that have a calming (sedative) effect. Such drugs are recommended to be given several days before the onset of estrus., or at the very beginning. Otherwise, their action simply will not have the desired effect on the animal. These herbal infusions are considered relatively safe, since they suppress not only the sex drive in animals, but also mitigate their stress caused by the unrealized instinct of reproduction. In order not to ask the cat, you need to give the cat drops of “Cat Bayun”, or “Stop Stress”.

Hormonal drugs

Often grief veterinarians advise hormones - a medicine for the cat so that she doesn’t ask the cat. This is the most dangerous category of drugs that lower sexual desire. Exist in the form of injections, tablets and drops. They are not recommended for use, as they can provoke serious diseases of the genitourinary system - a tumor of the mammary glands, uterine pyometra, worsening of the adrenal glands and even diabetes. Their "secret" is simple - large doses of hormones are injected into the body of the pet, which suppress sexual instincts.

However, due to such stress, the pet may soon begin to have serious health problems requiring veterinary intervention.

This category includes drugs "Anti Sex", "Sex Barrier", "Anti Meow", etc.

Emergency measures

Sometimes it happens when the estrus catches by surprise, and an important event is at stake, before which the owner needs to get a good night's sleep. So that the cat does not yell, you can apply the following methods:

  • bathing (only if the room is warm and there is no draft);
  • long active games with your pet;
  • increased attention from the owner (avoid stroking the back and tail);
  • lowering the level of bright lighting in the room;
  • communication with a castrated male who retained his sexual instincts.

Folk ways of regulating sexual hunting:

  • Give the cat a little water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Grab the cat at the withers and click on the croup. In this position, hold for several minutes.
  • Smear the face with butter - the animal will lick the coat and calm down a bit.
  • Drink warm milk with a little ordinary baking soda.
  • Give the animal a tightly closed vial with a pharmacy valerian.
  • Crush half a tablet of valerian and give to eat.
  • For estrus, put a copper coin in a bowl of clean water.

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