How is estrus manifested in cats

The period of puberty in a pet and its willingness to bear and give birth to offspring is called estrus. How is estrus manifested in cats? Let's see why the process has such a name - estrus.

This is due to the fact that during oestrus, transparent mucus is secreted by the pet and swelling of the external genitalia is noted. There is an opinion that with estrus, discharge in the form of blood is an erroneous proposition.

Signs of the onset of oestrus

There are changes in the body of the animal. During sexual arousal, the pet suffers from severe hormonal imbalance and psychological disorder. How much the animal will be active during estrus depends directly on its physical condition.

If the cat is exhausted or, conversely, fed, the estrus can proceed unnoticed.

The heat passes in several stages, where the period of readiness for pairing is only a fragment of the cycle. Estrus consists of the following stages:

  • First stage. This period lasts up to about four days. The cat begins to show the first signs. Appetite increases, the pet tries to be more with the owner and asks for affection. If there is a cat in the apartment, then she treats him negatively. Irritability and minor mood swings may appear.
  • Second phase. The duration of the period is from one to one and a half weeks. At this time, estrus is pronounced and the process of maturation of follicles ready for fertilization occurs. You definitely won’t miss such a stage, the pet constantly purrs and meows, rubs against all objects and surfaces. The fact that a cat began to estrus can be understood by the characteristic movements of the body: it lifts the pelvis and falls on its paws, keeping its tail. If you want to knit a pet, then the third day after the start of this stage will be the most productive.
  • Third stage. The duration of the period is approximately ten days. At this time, the sex hunt begins to subside. If a pet becomes pregnant, then she has a strong aggression on cats. If not, the condition may be different. Sometimes a false pregnancy or a calm end of oestrus is noted.
  • Fourth stage. Duration is not exactly set. It can be from two weeks to several months. Depends on the conditions of the animal. At this time, the pet lulls and she returns to her usual way of life and normal hormonal background.

On average, estrus in cats lasts from one to three weeks. A lingering estrus in a cat may indicate physiological abnormalities. The pet needs to urgently show the veterinarian.

First sexual hunt

Each female is individual, so the first estrus can occur in all different ways. If there is a genetic predisposition, then ripening will occur very early and vice versa. Depends on the nature of how brightly and often the female's sexual cycle will be repeated. If we take the average indicator for all thoroughbred and ordinary animals, then the first sexual hunt occurs from seven to ten months. Many kittens that are not yet formed at this age, so you cannot knit a pet in the first hunt.

The onset of the first oestrus does not mean that the cat's body is ready to endure healthy healthy offspring and not harm the cat itself.

This period begins after the animals reach the age of thirteen weeks. There are exceptions, breeds in which this period does not occur even longer.

For breeding breeds it is very important when the moment of the first sexual hunt comes. If it is too early or, conversely, late, then the cats are rejected and removed from the breeding line. This happens because such an uncharacteristic property of the onset of sexual hunting can be transmitted genetically to descendants.

Discharge with estrus in cats

note that cats have no bloody discharge. They are not characteristic of them. If your pet has uterine bleeding, then this may indicate inflammatory processes or abnormalities. With these symptoms, the animal must be urgently taken to the nearest veterinary center for examination and diagnosis. Normal discharge during estrus in a cat looks like mucous transparent discharge. Any deviations from the norm, the reason will consult a doctor.

Duration and frequency of estrus

The onset of the first sexual activity means that now the sexual hunt will take place regularly. It is hard to say how long it lasts and how often it will happen. Such indicators should be calculated by each owner individually for his favorite. The manifestation of estrus in a cat is directly related to the length of the day.

Many pets live in artificial light, which makes the period of sexual activity longer and more frequent.

How often estrus can occur depends, for example, on whether mating in the last estrus or the female was pregnant. If all the cycles went without the participation of a cat, then the period may be more frequent and longer.

With age, sex drive is weakened and repeated less and less. And in winter, the duration of excitation is minimal. This is due to instincts, because bearing in the winter offspring is problematic.

What to do when a cat has estrus

Now you know almost everything about how a cat looks in heat. And definitely do not miss this moment. All you need to do is not to panic. The pet needs your caress and care during this period. Do not scold or hurt her. You can take your pet in your arms and stroke the head and face, it is strictly not recommended to touch the back of the female. Any touch below the withers can provoke an increase in attacks of sexual hunting.

Having suffered about a week, you will be able to live again calmly, and your pet will return to the usual way of life.

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