Scottish fold cat longevity

When buying a small kitten in the house, all animal lovers are interested in the question: how many Scottish fold cats live? The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous, since life expectancy depends on many factors, including conditions of detention, pet health and hereditary data. With proper care, Scottish cats live on average 15-20 years.

Given these data, it can be argued that they are a kind of long-livers among feline representatives, have good health and a fairly hardy body. However, like all other breeds, Scots have their own weaknesses that can affect the life span of Scottish cats.

These weaknesses include:

  • the need for additional nutrition of bone and cartilage, despite a strong skeleton;
  • the need for additional care for the auricle is a feature of fold cats;
  • the need for constant regulation of the diet due to a tendency to be overweight.

Scottish cats are popular not only for their special ears, but also for the cute expression of their faces, the main decoration of which are large, expressive eyes. but ears and eyes require special care, since the lacrimal canals are very easily clogged with dust, taking into account the structure of the ears, they can also become clogged, and the owners of the cat may not notice the appearance of the ear tick in the absence of proper care. And these factors directly affect how many years Scottish cats live at home.

How to extend the life of your pet

In order to ensure your cat a long life, you need to follow several rules:

  • regularly visit a veterinarian and do all the necessary vaccinations;
  • diversify the diet of your pet so that he receives a sufficient amount of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates;
  • you need to adjust your Scots weight and height;
  • provide regular hygiene of the ears, teeth and eyes, which will eliminate various types of diseases.

Compliance with these rules can significantly increase the life expectancy of Scottish cats and prevent the appearance of chronic diseases from the skeletal system, organs of hearing and vision.

Initial inspection at the breeder

Before you purchase a kitten, you must carefully consider its physiological parameters. Indeed, most diseases in this breed manifest with age and are not fatal, but they can significantly spoil your joy in acquiring a kitten and affect the length of its stay with you.

Therefore, it is recommended to acquire representatives of this breed at the age of two to three months, when the kitten is already fully formed, eats independently and is strong enough to move to a new place of residence.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the coat, the purity of the tear ducts, as well as the behavior of the kitten, since many diseases, including bone diseases, may not occur immediately. However, their presence may affect the behavior of the cat.

Weak spots

If the kittens are completely healthy, they will live, play and frolic with each other, not be afraid of people and not be afraid of touch. Weak points of fold cats:

  • lacrimal ducts;
  • ears;
  • bone and cartilage;
  • digestive tract diseases.

How to make your pet a centenarian

At home, lop-eared cats live long enough, but this does not mean that a seemingly healthy cat does not need regular veterinary monitoring. After all, the key to a long life is timely vaccination with a veterinarian and maintaining a veterinary passport. And if any disease occurs, you must consult a doctor, as he will be able not only to diagnose it, but also to treat it correctly.

With proper care, a Scottish fold cat lives up to 20 years, and sometimes more, so the life expectancy of your cat is completely in your hands and depends on the quality of your care for it.

Hair Care and Life Expectancy

No matter how funny it may sound, combing the cat can significantly improve not only the mood of the pet, but also extend its life. This is due to the fact that representatives of this breed have a fairly thick coat, which is difficult to lick and clean on their own. It very often gets confused and when forming lumps in the digestive tract, it is excreted quite difficult, which in turn provokes an upset stomach and the need for cleansing.

In addition, the formation of tangles will not allow you to notice the formation of dandruff or the appearance of fleas and ticks, which are carriers of various infections.

And timely bathing and combing of your cat will not only make its coat more beautiful and well-groomed, but also prevent lumps, reduce shedding, thereby protecting the pet’s digestive system and reducing the amount of time it takes to clean the coat in the house.

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