Why do British cat's eyes watery

One of the most common problems for pets is watery eyes. Both ordinary cats and purebred are equally affected by this. Therefore, the question arises, because of which the British kitten has watery eyes. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, so you need to figure out what exactly is the problem with your baby, and only then do something.

Causes of watery eyes

This problem is very common among all domestic animals, so do not panic if you suddenly notice that the eyes of a British kitten are watery. First, let's try to find out the cause of this symptom.

1. Parasites

The first thing that veterinarians do if they are contacted due to the appearance of tears in a British cat is to prescribe fluffy drugs to fluffy patients, even when it has not yet been established why the cat began to leak from the eyes. This measure helps in many cases, in addition - this therapy can not do harm if the cause of the Briton’s illness is in another.

2. Blockage of the lacrimal tubules

When asked why a British cat has watery eyes, they may answer: your Briton has blocked tear ducts. This feature is typical for this breed, as well as for the Scottish cat. A special shape of the muzzle with a narrowing at the site of the nose bridge can provoke the effect of watery eyes.

If the problem is serious, you should contact your veterinarian for help as soon as possible. Lacrimation can be complicated by the fact that the tissue begins to fester. This problem is already much more serious than just when, after sleeping, the Briton has watery eyes.

If you notice purulent discharge, fever, lack of appetite in your pet, you should definitely seek help from a veterinarian.

3. Allergic reaction

The reasons why British eyes watery can actually be different, and one of them is allergy. Often an allergy is caused by food. Remember, from what day your kitten's eyes began to water, and this will help you determine the cause of the allergy.

4. Improper nutrition

The British are true aristocrats, so their body is very sensitive to poor care, including poor nutrition. If you decide to have a kitten of this breed, ask the breeder or veterinarian what to feed the British pet with.

Treatment recommendations

The first thing to do is to seek the advice of a veterinarian. © shutterstock

You can provide first aid yourself:

  • Buy an anthelmintic and take a course of treatment for parasites.
  • Rinse your eyes several times a day with black tea or chamomile tea.
  • Still more decoctions of St. John's wort, calendula, sage.

Your hands should be thoroughly washed during rinsing., you can use both cotton and cotton pads, while washing, pass cotton from one corner of the eye to another, after each time changing a piece of cotton.


You can treat a kitten with folk remedies, but they are not always effective. Therefore, if you did not notice a visible effect after a course of washing, try some proven medicines.

  • At night, tetracycline ointment is laid for kittens forever.
  • Slightly dissolve potassium permanganate or furatsilin in water and use for washing.
  • Means "Iris" contains chloramphenicol, therefore, it fights well with manifestations of irritation and allergies.
  • "Diamond eyes" - an excellent tool for the treatment of lacrimation of eyes in a kitten based on taurine and succinic acid. Helps to combat mucosal irritation in animals.
  • If the cat's eyes are watery, herbal based lotion can replace Phytoelite.