How much by human standards an 11 year old cat

Oh, these cute fluffy pets - cats and cats of all stripes! It is only a pity that their age is short. Your favorite for 11 years? How old will a cat be 11 years old by human standards? In this we will try to figure it out.

How to determine the age of the cat?

To begin with, it is rather difficult to determine the age of a pet by external factors. Only the veterinarian or documents can tell the exact number if your pet is thoroughbred and was purchased with them. Also, the error in determining age can give the habitat, the characteristics of the organism and belonging to a particular breed.

However, it is very important to know him in order to monitor the temporary changes of the pet, to be ready to meet with him all stages of the life cycle.

Age and life span

Everyone knows that cats live much less than people, and it’s interesting to clarify how old the cat is and how old her age is. Opinions of scientists on this score differ. Veterinarians use their calculation table, pundits do not always agree with it. But approximately a cat's life of 11 years is 60 by human standards. That is, in our understanding, a serious age threshold close to the elderly, with all its ailments and a decline in activity.

Note the factors that affect the life expectancy of a furry feline:

  • nutrition, high-quality balanced diet will protect from possible diseases and prolong life,
  • heredity, only from healthy strong individuals long-livers are born,
    belonging to the breed,
  • living conditions, in the wild there are very few chances to live long,

The cat's age of 11 years is solid by human standards and requires special attention from the owner. The average duration of a feline pet is about 15 years, it is noted that some breeds, such as sphinxes, can live 10 years longer. Although there are centenarians among other breeds.

With proper nutrition and quality care, furry happiness will delight its owners throughout its life.

Attention and Care

The ratio of the cat's age of 11 years to human is conditional, but, as a rule, he is already approaching the threshold of old age. A pet of this age should be treated more carefully, watching the diet. The muscles and joints of an 11-year-old cat become weaker, she gets tired fasterThe digestive system and urinary system are also different from the young. Hair loss is noted. The introduction of special vitamin complexes into the diet is recommended, which helps maintain a good tone and health of the pet.

Knowing what human age a cat of 11 years old corresponds to, it is easier to adjust his attitude to the pet. An older cat may have dental problems. Sometimes even in this period it will be necessary to transfer it to soft feed, for some it is difficult to cope with dry solid feed.

At this age, domestic cats become less active due to age-related changes, more relax, taking their favorite chair.

True, the extinction of the activity of a pet by 11 years is not always observed. Some instances, even at such a respectable age, may show interest in games and fun, and are also able to climb trees. Do not refuse your furry friend the desire to play with a bow on a rope.

The translation of the cat's age into human is a very important point, allowing us to assume the condition of the pet, to be more attentive to its health. 11 years for the pet is not the time to worry the owner, but it is already recommended that you often contact the veterinarian for preventive examinations. Thus, you will extend and improve the quality of life beloved cat.

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