Maine Coon cat character

The homeland of the Maine Coon breed is North America. Due to harsh climatic conditions, representatives of this breed acquired their unique habits, character and features. The character of Maine Coon is distinguished by calm and poise, curiosity and friendliness, independence and independence. At the same time, it is a mobile and playful animal that prefers open space with elevations.

Maine Coons have a contact character, they are infinitely loyal to the owner and adore children, they easily find a common language with all households and guests. The physical activity of these cats does not decrease over the years, so they need free space for games and entertainment.

Character description

1. Behavior and behavior

The character of the Maine Coon cat is peaceful, the animal will never attack first. They are neat and tactful, they divide all things and objects in the house according to their affiliation - into "their own" and "strangers". Due to the large size, these cats do not like limited and narrow spaces, for them the priority is open and free terrain.

Maine coon cats are observant and quick-witted, they carefully study and analyze their owners, try to adapt as much as possible to the conditions and lifestyle of the family in which they live. An interesting habit: the Maine Coon cat is always next to its owner, preferring to be at his feet!

2. Intelligence

The main character trait of Maine Coon is a tendency to contemplate, these animals are very observant and thoughtful. Their behavior and behavior can surprise the owner and others, so these are they smart and resourceful. Maine Coons have an amazing memory, they are able to remember a lot of commands and words, they can navigate even according to the views and gestures of a person.

3. Training

Owner reviews of the character of Maine Coon indicate their unique ability to learn and train. They subtly capture the intonation, character and mood of peoplereacting to them in a consistent and clear manner. The sense of devotion of these animals knows no bounds. To unleash its huge potential, a cat must receive enough attention and communication from the owner.

4. Socialization

Another habit: with strangers, Maine Coons at first stay at a distance, looking at and studying them. They can easily make friends with other pets, get along easily with children of any age group. The owners' favorite pastimes eventually turn into their pet's hobby, if it's Maine Coon.

5. Activity

A description of the character of the Maine Coon breed is associated with constant physical activity. Stress is important for these cats, as they help their skeleton and muscular system to develop properly. Maine coon cat has the character of a tireless and passionate hunter, animals can wait and track down prey for an infinitely long time, they are happy to catch up, competently attack and kill their prey. The object of the game may be a mouse, ball or laser pointer.

Do not take hard plastic or metal toys for game development; a pet can injure themselves with them. The behavior of an adult Maine Coon is to respond calmly to leashes and collars. During walks they behave with restraint, never try to run away or hide.

Maine Coon Habits and Features

The appearance and character of Maine Coon allow him to find a place in any territory, be it a small apartment or a large country house. Due to its natural intuition and adaptability, the animal will never be a hindrance to humans, however, it will choose a favorite place for itself, somewhere on a hill, from where it will observe everything that is happening around.

A small area of ​​personal territory, like habits, will allow the cat to feel cozy and comfortable. The giant domestic cat Maine Coon has the same big and loving heart. Those who settled in it will be fully gifted with cat fondness and affection. Another feature: trust in new people does not come immediately, it must be earned by actions.

Advice! Do not take the Maine Coon kitten in your arms or on your knees, representatives of this breed prefer to be just nearby, it is more convenient and comfortable for them.

Much about the character of Maine Coon will tell his ability to be friends. These cats can easily get along with other pets - birds, rodents, cats, dogs. The character and habits of Maine Coon exclude aggressive, selfish, distrustful and timid behavior. Representatives of this breed are infinitely sociable and playful.

Maine Coons never set their claws, so this is the perfect pet for families with children. The cat will condescendingly tolerate everything that the child does with him during the game, even if at the same time he is not very pleased, in extreme cases, he will just leave.

Interesting! Maine Coon cat can be taught to wear household items and go to the toilet. Animals can stand on their hind legs, while the front ones pick up small objects. And before you drink, the cat rakes a paw along its surface to clean.

Maine Coon's interesting habits are his love of water and walks. Water leads them into a wild delight, they love to swim and swim. These cats are not homebodies, you must walk with them. Apparently, the habits and habits of Maine Coons are an echo of the distant past, when animals walked on their own free. Walking can take place in any weather, fresh air for a big cat, like a medicine.

Funny habits are sounds that make Maine Coons. Their gentle vibrating rumbling can be compared with beautiful bird trills and overflows.

Maine Coon: Health and Content

Several factors influence the character of Maine Coon: heredity, education, upbringing and society. Each representative of the breed also has its own unique features and features. The price of a thoroughbred Maine Coon kitten will be based on the heredity that the breeder has formed. Experienced Maine Coon holders select the breed not only by external and genetic criteria, but also necessarily taking into account the character of Maine Coon.

You can sell a kitten from 4 months, by this time the pet weighs about 2 kg, accustomed to the right feed and goes to the tray.

From the photo, the maine coon’s belligerent look makes it creepy, however, the description of the owners does not coincide with these impressions, the nature of the animal is completely different. In natural conditions, Maine Coons live in packs, where their own rules and laws apply. Therefore, at home alone cats are bored and sincerely rejoice in human society and communication. Representatives of the breed require careful and attentive care of themselves, they need to be fed correctly and a lot, regularly take care of their hair, cut their nails, monitor their health and take vaccinations. It should be understood that the state of health of the cat depends not only on genetic factors, but also on the nature of the content.

Attention! Open windows on the high floors of apartment buildings can become the No. 1 danger for the Maine Coon cat; according to statistics, 80% of pet deaths occurred precisely when the animal fell out of the window. The large dimensions do not allow the cat to quickly and efficiently group itself in the fall, so an unsuccessful outcome is inevitable!

The cat is finicky and requires special care


The bathing procedure is easy and calm, since Maine Coons love water. Thick and fluffy wool is the pride of the breed, requiring the use of special shampoos and unraveling compounds. If necessary, the animal should be scratched, it is advisable to do this daily and using a special brush, which has smoothed teeth. So the risk of injury to the skin will be minimal.


Maine coon has a habit of sharpening its claws, therefore, it is necessary to keep a special device in the house to carry out this process, which will help preserve home furniture and other coatings. Clipping a claw is a mandatory ritual for representatives of this breed.


Big cats do not refuse any kind of water procedures, water is their favorite element. Maine Coons often molt, this process must be carefully monitored. If more wool falls out than usual, then you should contact your veterinarian, the animal may have health problems.

The ears of the eyes and teeth of Maine Coon also require systematic cleaning and disinfection, for the hygiene of the oral cavity, eyes and ears, you need to purchase specialized products from the pet store. A healthy ear is pink, without dark plaque and secretions. The eyes of the animal should be clean without films and clusters in the corners. The presence of a smell from the mouth indicates a malfunction in the body.


Maine coons are neat and pedantic cats, however, it should be borne in mind that a spacious tray is necessary for a large-sized animal. These are clean animals that carefully lick and constantly care for themselves. It is necessary to accustom a kitten to hygiene from a very early age, over time this will go into its character, will become a familiar and indispensable condition for life.


Eating should be carried out in a specially equipped and permanent place where it is necessary to put a bowl for food and water. In feeding, give preference to natural food - boiled lumpy meat, boneless fish, eggs, vegetables, cereals and sour-milk products. A healthy supplement to the diet is vitamins and minerals for an animal from a veterinary pharmacy. If the choice fell on ready-made cat food, then this should be a diet not lower than the premium class.

The character of the Main Coon cat is manifested throughout her life, and you can admire and admire a beautiful powerful pet for an infinitely long time. Of course, thoroughbred Maine Coons are exhibition pets worthy of honorary awards and titles. Admission to the exhibition is one hundred percent compliance with breed standards and norms, and the secret of Maine Coon success is the owner’s conscientious work on his pet!

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