American cocker spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a wonderful game bird hunter. This was emphasized in breeding. He is a good ranger, a good swimmer, and a great companion. The American Spaniel is smart enough; training is easy. But it is important that the owner is alone, his dog will be perceived as a leader and mentor. Country of Origin - USA.

Purpose of the breed: character and training

In education, physical strength in relation to the dog is not allowed, for this she will cease to trust you. This breed needs active physical activity and walks for several hours a day. If this is not possible, at least it is necessary to ensure his active pastime at home. Games and teams like "bring slippers", "find a toy" are a great activity.

The American Cocker Spaniel stands out with an obedient and good-natured disposition. This breed requires a lot of your attention, as a reward you will receive responsiveness, sensitivity and affection. Cocker can not be left alone for long, he will think that he was abandoned, will no longer trust and listen. Do not worry if there are other animals and children in the house, the dog will get along well with them, make friends and will play with pleasure.

Breeders select American Cocker Spaniels for a variety of criteria, including character traits. They try not to breed restless and overly aggressive dogs, since such manifestations are considered a breed deviation.

The Americans bred a friendly dog ​​that understands the mood of the owner and behaves with him accordingly. She does not stick to an annoyed person, but she tries to cheer up a sad and dull person in every possible way.

The Cocker Spaniel quickly and sincerely becomes attached to the owner and to all households. The dog is very assiduous when obedience is expected from it, but with pleasure responds to the call of the owners to run and play in the yard.

During a game with a pet, aggressive attacks on his part should not be allowed. So he can painfully bite his legs and arms, clutch his teeth and hang on his trouser leg. Such amusements grow into habits with age, from which it will be difficult for an adult dog to wean, and stronger teeth can cause severe damage.

To cool the ardor of a restless animal, it is recommended to conduct training with him. In training classes such qualities of a dog as passion and natural curiosity will come in handy. A trained cocker will thank you, showing the best features of the hunting breed.

It is advisable that these dogs be hosted by families with outgoing children, where one of them could always spend time with her. It is better for lonely and often busy breeders to choose another dog that does not require constant attention.

Diet and health

The American Spaniel is unpretentious in the choice of food and is always not averse to stealing something from the table. But as a feed, give preference to ready-made diets for small and decorative breeds. If necessary, you can give supplements for wool. And during active physical activity, you can feed with natural food: meat, cottage cheese, fish.

Be careful, cocker's irrepressible appetite often leads to obesity, it is very important not to overfeed the pet.

The American Cocker Spaniel is simply magnificent and therefore easily falls in love with people. One bewitching look - and he is already being fed something tasty. Be careful and do not give in to the temptation to once again treat your pet with a tidbit.


American cockers do not differ in perfect health.

What are the pathologies of behavior, such as causeless panic, aggression and other psychological problems, often explained by gaps in education.

Often suffer from food allergies. Their problem spot is the ears. Congenital deafness is sometimes found. They are also prone to eye diseases, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. In old age, liver problems are often observed.

Strong dogs with good care live up to 16 years.

American Cocker Spaniel

Historians believe that for the first time the breed appeared on the territory of modern states in the early 17th century, when the ship "Mayflower" came to the shores of the "New World", and on board there were two dogs: a dog and a spaniel. Unfortunately, from this moment until the beginning of the 19th century, all data on the development of the breed were lost.

In 1881, the Spaniel Club was opened in America, which is considered the "parent" of modern "Americans", then not yet recognized. In 1921, an American cocker spaniel was first introduced in its class at a dog show in Westminster. It almost collapsed for the breed. Small, athletic dogs have become very popular. Their big ears, joyful disposition and soulful eyes won the hearts of Americans. Great popularity has led to careless and unethical breeding.

Novice dog breeders began to stamp cockers in thousands. As a result, dogs have acquired a whole bunch of hereditary diseases. Fortunately for the breed, the American Kennel Club in 1947 still registered cockers and traditionally allocated them their own article in the studbook, entitled "American Cocker Spaniel." Most breeders agree that the American cocker came from an English cousin.

Psychological picture

American Cocker Spaniel is a medium, strong dog. The head is round, the muzzle is wide. Scissor bite. The eyes are dark, round, sometimes blue-eyed representatives of the breed are found. The ears are long. The body is slightly slanted. Earlier, docked tail was the standard for cockers, but today in many countries taboo on stopping and dogs with long tails are allowed. The coat is long, silky, straight or slightly wavy, always short on the head. Coloring can be very diverse.

The height of the dog at the withers is 35-38 cm, and the average weight is approximately 12.5 kg.

Bold, always ready to work, they are great as a pet and companion for hunting. A cheerful and gentle cocker has a fairly high level of intelligence. Always active and playful. It gets along well with children. Strangers may be cautious, but usually do not show aggression. When choosing a puppy, it is important to consider that American Spaniels are divided into two lines: show and work. In working animals, hunting instincts are better developed, shorter hair, they are a little hardier.

Maintenance and care

The dog is not adapted to living in an enclosure. She feels great in a private courtyard, but prefers to spend most of her time not on the street, but indoors.

Particular attention is required to care for the hair, ears and eyes of the animal. Cocker owners will have to periodically cut their pet.

In summer, make short haircuts, in winter - longer. As necessary, brush your ears, teeth and rinse your eyes. If the dog rarely walks on the asphalt, you have to file the claws.

And of course, do not forget about the regular combing of wool, reinforced during molting.

Cost of an American Cocker Spaniel puppy

A puppy with developmental disabilities, which is denied access to the exhibition, can be purchased at a price of around $ 300, although the average price tag of a thoroughbred puppy is about $ 700. The pedigree of the animal affects the formation of prices. Suitable for the exhibition cocker spaniels with a good pedigree put up for sale for $ 2,500.

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