Furminator for cats and cats: what is it, how to choose and use

Many owners who have experienced in practice what a furminator for cats praised this device. The appearance of home fluff in an apartment is almost always overshadowed by the struggle with wool, which begins to come across everywhere, sometimes causing allergic reactions. Neither a vacuum cleaner nor various combs and brushes help to cope with the problem. A lot of troubles are caused by the falling hair and the animal itself. If swallowed, it may cause vomiting or block the intestines. Using the furminator eliminates the cat from such problems, greatly facilitating the process of combing the owner.

Furminator for cats - what is it

A professional tool for hair care is already familiar to many cat lovers. The simple design makes it easy to use at home. Reminiscent of the appearance of a small metal rake on a convenient handle, the device acts on the principle of a trimmer. In the process of application, sharpened teeth raise the undercoat without cutting it. Due to the sufficient distance between the teeth, the main hair remains intact. At the same time, grease, distributed evenly, gives the coat a beautiful shine.

When using the device up to three times a week, 90% of all dead wool can be removed. Winning more and more popularity, furminators for cats and cats have only positive reviews among owners of home fluffies. Everyone notes that the animals began to look much more well-groomed, and there was almost no wool in the house.

Furminator for cats: reviews

The Internet is full of enthusiastic reviews about the host. All of them are usually sponsored by online stores that advertise and offer for sale a special comb for cats.

We conducted our own survey and received feedback on the cats host from real consumers using this product:

  1. Olga, 49 years old, Irkutsk.

We decided to buy a popular device, as we were tortured to remove the hair from a grown-up kitten. Simple scaffolds did not save him from his woolly hairs, often even appearing on dishes. Once again complaining about a cat to a neighbor, I heard from her about the advertised furminator. At first she just laughed, they say, another bait for consumers. But later, with her nerves so hot to the limit because of the wool that was left everywhere by the pet, she decided to order a furminator in an online store, which is called "the fish pecked." Admittedly, I was extremely surprised! This comb combed a lot of excess hair from the first time. The result was so pleased that I kissed my cat. The house has become cleaner, you do not have to vacuum 5 times a day. I periodically continue combing my Chernysh, and after the procedure, after wetting my hands, I collect the rest of the wool from him, so to speak, “smooth”. Now to all my friends and I recommend you buy a furminator. It’s not cheap, of course, but it, in my opinion, fully justifies its value.

  1. Alena, 34 years old, Moscow.

Unfortunately, this “miracle comb” did not help us. Probably, it is not designed to comb out the hair of a constantly shedding British cat. We comb out, of course, but you have to do this very often.

  1. Stepan, 28 years old, Kaliningrad.

My cat disliked this device from the first minute. With difficulty he lets himself comb through for about 5 minutes, then he starts to scratch and break out. I hold him tight, and my wife tries to comb it. Usually comb out the undercoat with a mittens with rubber spikes, it turns out not bad, but nevertheless, the furminator works better, completely removing the fallen hairs.

We conducted our research and saw that, in general, people who bought a cat litter for cats leave positive reviews. A similar trend is observed in other thematic zoos. What can I say - it may not be a 100% guarantee of quality, but it is already possible to think about purchasing a furminator for a molting cat.

How to choose a furminator

The quality of combing wool, as well as the well-being of the pet itself during the procedure, depends on the correct choice of the device. There are many kinds of furminators; new models are constantly coming out. The most recent of them can be seen so far only in the photo. Before choosing a furminator for cats and cats, you should pay attention to the size of the pet and the length of the coat. For animals with long hair, they acquire a tool with appropriate teeth, which easily penetrate the wool. Moving in the direction of hair growth, the comb does not pull them.

Another parameter that requires attention when choosing a tool is the width of the comb. For kittens and small cats, a comb of sufficient width will be 3.3 cm. Animals weighing no more than 6 kg require a comb 4.5–7.0 cm wide. For especially large exotic breeds, such as Maine Coon, they acquire a furminator with a comb width of 10 cm.

In addition, all devices are divided into 2 types - deluxe and classic. They differ in the material from which the handle is made and the degree of its ergonomics. So, in classic type furminators, the wool has to be removed with combs by hand. In deluxe appliances, this is done by pressing the special FURejector button, which is more convenient.

Advantages of the Furminator

Compared to conventional combs, the advantages of the furminator are obvious:

  • Up to 90% of dead hairs are removed.
  • Due to the special design of the cloves, the outer hair is not injured when combed out. After the procedure, no tangle formation occurs in animals with long and thin hair.
  • The skin during combing is saturated with oxygen, the condition of the epidermis improves.
  • Increased activity of the sebaceous glands. The fat layer distributed over the wool protects it from external negative influences.
  • The procedure using the furminator is completely painless and calmly accepted by the pet.

The tool is convenient and easy to use. This does not require special skills. The procedure is easily performed at home, even by novice cat owners. Anyone who wants to see their pet well-groomed and beautiful can cope with this.

How to use the Furminator

Before you start using the tool, you must read the instructions. There are general rules regarding how to use the finisher correctly:

  • The skin of the animal must be carefully examined for wounds, abrasions, bruises, and sores. For any damage to the skin, the device must not be used. Be sure to remove all the tacks.
  • Before the procedure, it is advisable to bathe the pet. Dry the hair thoroughly and comb through a regular comb.
  • Combing with a furminator is carried out only in the direction of growth of the coat. Otherwise, we risk damaging the outer hair. The movements should be light, without pressure. The use of force can hurt the pet and cause irritation. Especially carefully should be carried out with a brush in the genital area, on the stomach and legs. It is advisable to start watching the video before you start using the furminator for cats and cats.

Although the procedure for combing a pet with the help of a furminator can be carried out at any time, experts recommend doing this during the molting period of the animal. It usually occurs in early spring and late summer. They comb out at least 2 times a week. At other times, the procedure is done once a month. For shorthair breeds, it is enough 5-7 times a year. It is recommended to comb out a cat in hot weather. Removing excess wool will ease its condition, helping to transfer heat.

To whom the furminator is contraindicated

There are breeds of cats for which it makes no sense to purchase this original tool. These include:

  • Sphinx;
  • Devon Rex
  • Laperm;
  • Singaporean
  • Angora Turkish;
  • Oriental
  • Burmese.

And also some others. These cats do not have to be bald. For many of them, the absence of an undercoat is simply characteristic. Therefore comb them out with a regular brush.

It is impossible to use a furminator if the animal has injuries or congenital diseases of the skin.

Popular models

For home use, devices that are convenient and economical. The most popular among such models are the products of FURminator. Most reviews note the fact that the hair after combing this furminator becomes much more well-groomed. There are no negative consequences for the pet, even with the constant use of the tool. As a result, blood circulation improves, and the coat takes on a healthy, shiny appearance. Especially indispensable device for Persian cats.

The hosters of the German manufacturer TRIXIE also deserve a high positive rating. The proposed models are designed for different levels of undercoat. Able to cope with wool of any length. The combing process using the TRIXIE furminator is quite simple, does not require much effort. The working part of the tool is made of high strength stainless steel. The plastic handle is additionally equipped with a rubber handle. The teeth have a special structure, thanks to which only the completely dead undercoat is removed.

Taiwan has received a lot of positive reviews from HelloPet. As many as 65 cloves distinguish this modern pet combing tool. With it, getting rid of excess wool can be quickly and effortlessly. The kit includes both a straight comb and a curved one, designed for thorough processing of individual sections.

I.P.T.S. - one of the best-selling brands. The low price of the furminator for cats is combined with the excellent ability of the tool to comb out the coat qualitatively. The device is intended primarily for representatives of the British and Scottish breeds. Unlike more expensive models, it has one drawback - the blade needs to be replaced every 2 years. However, this can always be done at a low cost.

Extremely stylish and colorful are the Foolee furminators. They have a comfortable, curved body. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the instrument to your taste. According to consumer reviews, it removes undercoat in the best way - up to 95%.

You can view the current price of the host and buy it right here:

The best furminator for cats

Based on the reviews and demand for a unique device in stores, we have prepared an overview of the best models of cat litter for helping you make your choice.

  1. Furminator Short Hair Small Cat is designed to care for the hair of small, smooth-haired cats. Such a model will be convenient to use for owners, for example, of an Abyssinian cat. The blade of this device is 4 cm wide, and therefore can penetrate deep into the coat and clean out excess hair without touching or wounding the skin of the animal.

If you are the owner of a Persian or Siberian cat, then another model will be preferable for you - Long Hair Small or Long Hair Large Cat. Both types are similar to each other, they are distinguished only by the color of the ejectors and the different lengths of the teeth of the comb.

  1. The helper of the company "Hello Pet" 42065M (Taiwan), often offered by online stores. A blade with a width of up to 4.5 cm allows the best combing of hair in cats of medium breeds. The device itself is made of plastic, but its teeth are metal. The finisher is convenient to use due to the presence of an ergonomic handle equipped with rubberized inserts and an emphasis for the thumb.
  2. Furminator of the I.P.T.S company "Profur Medium". It is very popular among the "cat litter". Owners of cats distinguish it for its distinctive ease of use, low cost and the ability to replace a knife.

This was the TOP of the best furminators for cats, recognized by the owners of pussies. But this does not mean that you need to dwell on a particular brand. Choose a product that meets your criteria, because in principle, all the furminators do a good job with the problem of fur in cats and cats.

Life time

Subject to the rules of operation and careful handling, the finisher will serve for a long time. All that is required for this:

  • Avoid mechanical damage to the device, in which the teeth may break or bend.
  • Use the tool in accordance with the instructions. Be sure to ensure that the animal's coat is clean, and there are no tangles and knots.

No comb can replace the furminator in terms of combing quality. With regular use, the appearance of the pet improves significantly, which is of particular importance for exhibition animals.

Watch the video: How To Brush Your Cat's Coat (January 2020).