Cat Food Akana (Acana)

Today we will tell you about the food for cats Akana (Acana) - its features, composition and reviews about it. In recent years, the cat food market in Russia has developed so much that for our domestic whiskers in the cities of pet shops there are sometimes no less than stores with household goods or other everyday utensils for people. The choice of feed is also increasing year by year. In stores, more and more new brands appear. Some are worse, others are better, but one cannot help but notice the leaders among the "newcomers". One of these is undoubtedly the Canadian brand Akana (Acana). We’ll talk about him.

In caring for the health and physical strength of their furry pets, the owners make a lot of efforts to provide a balanced diet. The Canadian company Champion Petfood offers Akana cat food, which is based on only natural ingredients without hormones and chemical additives.

In the distant 1985, the reason for creating a small cat food production workshop was the exceptional love for pets of its founders. As raw materials, products that a person can eat are selected.

More than 20 years have passed, and the established tradition of selecting the best ingredients for feeding four-legged pets has been preserved to this day.

Every day there are more and more admirers of Canadian traditions, brand products are successfully imported into more than 60 countries of the world and have repeatedly been awarded international prizes. Nevertheless, according to company management, the best reward for them is enthusiastic reviews about the Acana feed for cats from buyers, as well as the health and vitality of pets.

Today, the company's products are represented by more than 20 types of feed with different characteristics and composition for kittens, young cats and mature individuals.

Composition of cat food Acana

The combination of feed ingredients is fully consistent with the natural representatives of the feline world and is characterized by a high protein content and a minimum percentage of carbohydrates.

The composition does not include corn flour and food additives, which are already familiar to us, “stomach fillings,” so some owners of cats at first use may be surprised by the lack of a bright aroma inherent in cheap feeds. One cannot but agree that this is a plus in the piggy bank of Akan's feed.
The manufacturer claims that the products are processed by dehydration (dehydration), meat and vegetables thus do not lose their beneficial properties. In addition, for a separate type of food, its own set of vitamins is added, which maintain the necessary level of nutrients in the body of cats.

Regardless of the type of product and method of its use, its composition will include the meat component, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, in more detail:

  1. Source of protein. More than 50% of the product’s mass is represented by beef, chicken, pork, turkey, rabbit, salmon, herring, flounder, pike perch, pike, whitefish, pollock, etc. In one feed mixes up to 4-6 items.
  2. Carbohydrates and fiber. Represented by crops and red-brown potatoes.
  3. Vegetables and fruits - green apples and cranberries that help lower urine pH.
  4. Active cultures - are responsible for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Algae is dark red and brown - actively absorb toxins, normalize metabolic processes in the body.
  6. Probiotics and lactobacilli - contribute to the reproduction of beneficial microflora in the intestine.
  7. Raspberry leaf and marigold inflorescences - tone the muscular system, give a boost of energy.

What features does Acana cat food have? Meat ingredients do not undergo a freezing procedure, only fresh products are used. Animal nutrition does not contain artificial flavors, genetically modified compounds, preservatives, gluten and animal by-products.

Products of the brand "Akana"

The assortment of the Canadian manufacturer has three menu lines; in terms of quality, they are not inferior to dishes of Michelin-starred restaurants:

  • full feed Regionals;
  • balanced, complete Orijen feed;
  • sublimated dishes Orijen.

Regionals full products are suitable for cats of all breeds and ages. They are divided into 3 categories:

Wild Prairie Cat & Kitten. The basis of grain-free food for kittens and cats is fresh Canadian meat of Canadian breed Cobb, a diet turkey rich in vitamins A and E, and wild perch fillet. The role of the side dish is reserved for vegetables and fruits. Sources of carbohydrates and fiber are presented in a wide range of species: Red Delicious apples, Barlett pears, carrots, musky pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, blueberries.

Cranberries and a high level of magnesium in the composition are excellent prevention of urolithiasis of furry pets.

Pacifica Cat. Hypoallergenic nutrition for cats of all breeds and ages. It is represented by a fish composition - Pacific herring, flounder and fresh-caught hake that were not frozen. Numerous reviews by veterinarians about Acana food for cats prove the effectiveness of cranberries in reducing the acidity level of an animal’s urine. Additionally, the composition of seaweed, removing toxins from the intestine.

Pacifica Cat owes its hypoallergenic properties to a powerful phytocomplex, which includes:

  • juniper - a diuretic and bactericidal agent;
  • calendula - a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect;
  • chicory root - normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • chamomile - antimicrobial effect;
  • rosehip - rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • dandelion root - stimulates appetite;
  • ginger root - lowering cholesterol;
  • lavender - soothes, promotes healthy sleep.

Grasslands Cat. 70% - meat proteins of nature, 30% - vegetables and fruits, 0% - grain crops. At the heart of lamb, duck, wild perch, chicken eggs.

Auxiliary ingredients are represented by taurine and prebiotics - living microorganisms that normalize the activity of microflora that inhabit the intestines of animals. Enterococcus faecium do not have a pathogenic effect; on the contrary, they prevent the propagation of streptococci and staphylococci.

Acana dry cat food is ideal for pregnant and lactating cats. To calculate the daily rate of consumption of the product, pet owners should use the table:

Cat weight, kilogram

Feeding rates depending on the physical condition of the cat

Nutrition rate for a healthy animal, grams

To reduce the weight of the animal, grams

For an animal in adulthood, gram

























10 and more




For a healthy adaptation of the digestive system to Akan food, it is necessary to include it in the menu gradually. Over the course of a week, it is necessary to mix new nutrition with the usual diet, gradually increasing the amount of the first and decreasing the amount of the second. On the 7-8th day, the pet can fully eat only the Akan product.

The price of Acana cat food is determined by the amount of packaging. The minimum volume of 0.340 kg will cost the owners of furry predators 325 rubles, for 2.27 kg of feed you will have to pay from 1400 rubles, for 5.4 kg from 5400 rubles and for 6.8 kg from 3800 rubles.

Orijen balanced complete feeds are represented by two products:

Orijen 6 Fish with meat of freshwater and sea fish. 80% low-glycemic feed consists of fish (herring, salmon, flounder, pollock, pike, pike perch), supports dry muscle mass of the animal, takes care of the condition of claws and coat. Minimum carbohydrate levels help to normalize blood sugar and maintain weight balance.

The food is saturated with unsaturated fatty acids of marine origin that support a healthy coat.

Auxiliary ingredients in the composition are vegetables and fruits: potatoes, sweet potato, alfalfa, sunflower, blackcurrant, cranberry and apple. An invaluable source of B vitamins is Irish moss, fucus, and palmaria.

In an effort to satisfy the cat's instinctive need for eating medicinal herbs, the Canadian manufacturer enriched its product with a phytocomplex (fennel, celery root, peppermint, marigold inflorescences).

Orientjen Cat and Kitten with bird and fish. The main components are chicken, turkey, salmon, herring, pike perch.

To maintain the normal functioning of the glands, it is necessary to enrich the cat's diet with animal fats. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems, are the main component of animal fat.

The moderate content of phosphorus and calcium in the composition soothes the predatory predators and ensures their full-fledged full-fledged development. A high concentration of glucosamine and chondroitin helps maintain healthy joint function.

To measure the required amount of feed, use a 250 milliliter measuring cup. Serve food with dry or slightly moistened water. To preserve freshness, bury the bag as tightly as possible and store in a cool, dry place.

Feed price

The price of Akana food for cats is determined by the volume of packaging. The minimum volume of 0.340 kg will cost the owners of four-legged friends 410 rubles, for 2.27 kg of feed you will have to pay from 2070 rubles, for 6.8 kg from 4000 rubles and for the maximum volume of 13 kg from 7800 rubles.

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Orijen freeze-dried treats are presented in the following types:

  • Orientjen Original with chicken, turkey and flounder;
  • Orientjen Tundra with venison, quail and trout;
  • Orientjen Wild Wild boar meat boar;
  • Orijen Ranch-Raised Lamb of meat lamb.

All the ingredients in the composition of such feeds are subjected to the sublimation procedure, which allows to preserve their naturalness and vitamin-mineral composition.

Sublimated goodies can not be used as the main diet of cats. They can be used as a supplement, top dressing.

The delicacies contain 100% meat and fish ingredients. The convenient form of food allows you to use it as a reward in the process of training. Granules break easily, splitting into small pieces, so it’s easier for a pet to use them from the owner’s hand.

The products of the Canadian brand Akana are specially designed for cats of all breeds and ages. Each line meets the requirements of the American Association for Product Quality Control. According to its nutritional, taste and aesthetic characteristics, the feed is deservedly recognized as a leader and annually confirms its title.

Cat Owner Reviews

Owners of cats note that, due to the high protein content in Akana cat food, cats eat much less, but they feel better and happier. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract become a bad memory, the desire to play appears in the eyes of pets.
Many can not but rejoice at the lack of smell, but, as we have found out, this is due to the fact that Acana cat foods do not contain artificial additives and flavor enhancers, hence such reviews. In addition, it is believed that such components cause addiction, and it is quite difficult to wean your pet from poor-quality feed.
Also, thanks to their hypoallergenic formula, owners of fluffy allergy sufferers find salvation as part of Acana food.


Have tried almost all types of feed Akana. The cat was delighted with the lamb, but I did not appreciate its enthusiasm. The feces smelled bad, and the consistency was abnormal. In general, the lamb is a thing of the past. Further there was a fish, she killed it with the speed of sound and was completely emptied. They decided to stop at it. Sometimes for a change I buy chicken and turkey, eat without enthusiasm.

Last week were at the vet. He said that everything is OK with health, I’m sure that good food played an important role for this.


She sterilized a cat last month. I read on the Internet of horrors about a sharp deterioration in my health, shortening my life, etc. I decided to switch to expensive food, I chose Akana. I bought assorted fish, the cat ate with great pleasure everything to the last crumb. There were no problems with the chair. Now we will experiment with tastes.


I have a sphinx girl, eternal problems - systematic allergies and poor digestion. The natural caused an allergy, they refused it. They chose the hypoallergenic offer of Akan. We lived with trepidation for a day, two, three, a week ... old rashes passed, new ones did not appear, in a month or two I gained weight. Now walking healthy, happy, etc.

Veterinarian reviews

And the wet and dry food for cats Acana is developed taking into account all the wishes and feedback of veterinarians. It is suitable for both mature adults and small kittens. For each age and life features of the pet, there is its own specialized line of Akan feeds. The minerals and vitamins contained in the feed exclude the additional intake of tablets, as in most cases they are full-dose, that is, feed that covers all the nutritional needs of cats.

Reviews of veterinarians about Acana food for cats on the Russian market are not just positive, but almost enthusiastic. In any case, we have not yet met others, although they are quite tightly connected with the zoo industry. Of course, food is not a dollar, everyone cannot like it, but most experts recommend this product.

Veterinarians give positive feedback on Acana cat food for low-calorie diet, natural products are easily absorbed by the body and are not stored as fat, which interferes with the full functioning of the animal.

Veterinarians give good reviews and recommendations for using Acana kitten food. They are not advised to experiment with cat nutrition, especially at an early age. And if you initially feed the cat with premium food, then do not introduce it into stress by changing the diet.

Watch the video: Acana & Orijen: The Champion Pet Food Story (January 2020).