Vetlife feed for cats

If your pet is healthy and has an excellent appetite, then you are in luck: you can feed it with any kind of food - dry factory diets, wet food, or natural food prepared at home. But what if your cat has diseases that require special nutrition? In this case, veterinary diets come to the rescue of the breeder, which are developed taking into account all the medical indications inherent in a particular illness.

One of the world market leaders in such diets is Vetlife, which produces food for cats with chronic diseases, as well as for animals with special conditions. This article describes what it is made from, for which animals it is suitable, and also whether the feed meets the declared characteristics in terms of veterinary indications.


This series of veterinary diets for cats is made by the Italian company Farmina Pet Foods, and rightly so called - FARMINA VET LIFE FELINE. The company is located in Italy, and dates back to 1965, when a man named Francesco Russo opened the production of agricultural feed. After half a century, the heirs of Russo continue his traditions, and make food for animals that meets the highest requirements, and is made exclusively from raw materials of the highest quality.

Since 1999, the company has moved to the release of rations for pets. To improve the quality and improve the recipes, Russo began to collaborate with the British company Farmina, which has a strong research base. As a result, today Pharmin’s production diets are one of the leaders in the market of ready-made food for pets.

The company's plants operate in addition to Italy in Serbia and Brazil. But, despite the geographical differences, the recipe for all types of food is strictly observed at each of the factories of the concern.


Due to the good scientific potential of the company, a total of 12 types of diets are available in the Vetlife cat food line, each for its own disease. Below are reviews of each of the items, indicating its features and differences from conventional dry food:

  • GASTROINTESTINAL is a special diet for pets with digestive problems in the stomach, and absorption in the intestines. The electrolytes in the composition help to establish the digestion of food, and a specially selected symbiosis of products facilitates this task for a weakened body.
  • HEPATIC is a food for pets who have liver problems. Recommended for cats with chronic liver failure. Due to the low percentage of protein and a large amount of fatty acids, this veterinary diet removes the load from the liver, facilitating its regeneration. A low percentage of copper removes the toxic effect on the affected liver cells.
  • STRUVITE - nutrition that promotes the dissolution of uroliths (stones in the genitourinary system). Effective against struvite type deposits. The therapeutic effect is achieved by acidifying the urine with DL-methionine, which allows you to dissolve existing stones, and also prevents the formation of new ones. In addition to normalizing pH, this food contains a small percentage of protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which prevents the formation of struvite stones in the urine.
  • STRUVITE MANAGEMENT - food for cats with chronic urolithiasis. It is indicated for idiopathic cystitis. The composition and mechanism of action is similar to STRUVITE food, but additionally contains ammonium chloride, which effectively resists the formation of sediment in the urinary system of cats. It has a powerful antioxidant effect.
  • RENAL - food for animals with renal failure (acute and chronic forms). It is also used as supportive nutrition for congestive heart failure. In this feed, the percentage of protein is reduced, and the phosphorus content is minimized to remove the burden on the kidneys.
  • CARDIAC - A diet for cats with heart failure. Thanks to the optimally selected content of potassium, sodium and phosphorus, the load on the heart muscle is reduced, and the balance of electrolytes in the blood is restored. Taurine and L-carnitine have beneficial effects on the absorption and transfer of nutrients important for the heart. The composition also contains high-quality digestible protein, which contributes to rapid saturation.
  • OBESITY is a special diet for animals with various forms of obesity. For the therapeutic effect in the feed, the fat content is reduced, and the percentage of complex carbohydrates, which are slowly broken down, provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. Total calories are reduced.
  • DIABETIC - food for animals with diabetes. Special sources of sugars and starch in the list of nutrients in the diet help maintain the necessary level of glucose in the blood, preventing its increase.
  • ULTRAHYPO - hypoallergenic food for individuals with food intolerances and allergies. The mechanism of action is based on the content of fish hydrolyzate as the sole source of protein. As a result, the body digests the protein "without noticing" that it was a protein of animal origin. The source of carbohydrates - rice starch - is the most allergy-safe product. Fish oil, which acts as a source of lipids, is also easily digestible and does not cause allergic manifestations.
  • NEUTERED MALE - ration for sterilized cats. It was developed taking into account the needs of such animals, namely: nutritional value is reduced, which eliminates the manifestation of obesity, the composition also contains L-carnitine and light protein, which helps maintain muscle mass and burn fat stores. A reduced percentage of magnesium and phosphorus, together with calcium sulfate prevent the development of urolithiasis.
  • NEUTERED FEMALE - the composition is almost identical to cat food, but is intended for feeding sterilized cats. The differences are in the percentage of nutrients, which takes into account the nutritional characteristics of animals of different sexes.
  • VETLIFE HAIRBALL - cat food that promotes the removal of wool lumps from the digestive tract. Due to its fiber content, this formulation favorably affects the bowel movement. And probiotics normalize the absorption of nutrients.

In principle, such a list of diets allows you to choose food for absolutely any animal. But is it as useful as the manufacturer claims? To clarify this, it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the composition of any of the items, and find out what it is actually made of. For example, it will be interesting to know the exact composition of the diet of Gastrointestinal, as one of the most popular types of veterinary feed.

Feed composition

As practice shows, the first 5-7 ingredients in the list form the basis of the formulation, and the rest is only excipients. So, the list of components is as follows:

  • Dried chicken;
  • Rice;
  • Fat (animal)
  • Gluten from corn;
  • Flax seeds;
  • Spelled;
  • Protein hydrolysates.

These components are followed by dehydrated fish, beet pulp and fish oil. Also included are dried whole eggs, pea fiber, vegetable fat, plantain seed and potassium chloride. Then the content of dry yeast, inulin and FOS, monosodium phosphate, calcium sulfate dihydrate and calendula extract is indicated. Separately written list of vitamins and minerals.

It is worth noting that the composition of VetLife cat food is very good: there are good sources of protein (chicken, fish, chicken eggs), healthy fats (vegetable oil and fish oil), as well as additional nutrients that help saturate the body with necessary substances. There are questions about animal fat - often called low-quality lipids derived from carcass deboning waste. Protein hydrolysates are also doubtful - most often they are a product of deep processing of meat, and do not carry anything useful, except for the percentage of protein in the composition.

Rice and corn gluten are controversial elements that are not particularly beneficial for small predators. However, they are not harmful - just protein from such products is practically not absorbed, and only a small part of carbohydrates is digested. Additional components indicated in the composition are useful and necessary for cats - especially plantain seeds, pea fiber, FOS and inulin, which together are designed to ensure normal digestion.


You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Another important point is the price of VetLife cat food. Obviously, medicinal feed cannot be cheap - good components and scientific research are costly. As for the diets from FARMINA, then the pricing policy of the company is as follows:

FARMINA VetLife Hairball:

  • from 320 rub. for 400g. packaging;
  • from 920 rub. for 2kg. a pack;
  • from 4350 rub. for 10kg.

FARMINA VetLife Renal:

  • from 410 rub. for 400g .;
  • from 1610 rub. for 2 kg .;
  • from 3760 rub. for 5kg .;
  • from 7100 rub. for 10kg.

FARMINA VetLife Struvite Management:

  • from 380r. for 400g .;
  • from 1160 rub. for 2 kg .;
  • from 5210 rub. for 10kg.

We can conclude that the prices are really high, but you should take into account that this is a high-quality food of the super-premium segment, as well as the fact that it is not a constant food: often such diets are prescribed for the duration of treatment, and after the pet recovers it can be transferred back to the usual food.

Owner reviews

Leonid, the owner of the Scottish fold cat:

“My pet is a purebred Scot, and the doctor warned us that urolithiasis may develop with age - this is typical for this breed. Therefore, from the year they began to give STRUVITE as a prophylaxis FELINE from the company Farmina. Kotu is already the 5th year, and so far everything is OK - we are passing tests regularly, all indicators are normal. We are pleased with the effect! "

Sveta, breeder of a purebred cat:

"Under the age of our Musi, heart problems started - the doctor said that insufficiency had developed, and support for the heart muscle was needed, he advised food CARDIAC. We read reviews on the Internet, and bought a pack. What can I say - the doctor was right - cat food VetLife is something with something! Our beloved came to life, became active, though not the same as before, but it is understandable - the years take their toll. I hope for a couple of years we extended her life thanks to this miracle! "

Veterinarian reviews

Alexey, veterinarian at the state clinic:

“If necessary, I always prescribe VetLife from Farmina. Firstly, the composition of these diets is very good, and secondly, they really have a good healing effect. There is a good scientific base at the manufacturer, excellent raw materials for production, high-quality manufacturing processes. The result is great food for debilitated and chronically sick cats. "

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