Ladder for dogs of small breeds: which one to choose

Many small-breed dog breeders wonder: which ladder to choose for your pet? After all, the house and even the smallest apartment are full of dangers and risks. At any time, the animal can damage the joints and be injured if it does not jump to its favorite place on a high sofa or bed.

What are ladders for?

At first glance, it seems that the miniature four-legged pets are active and quite jumping, but their bones and muscles are not suitable for jumping to great heights and distances. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a ladder for small breeds in the house. Such an item is required for:

  • Chihuahua
  • york
  • toy terrier;
  • Italian greyhounds
  • dwarf pincher;
  • Pekingese;
  • Prague rat;
  • Pomeranian Spitz;
  • Brussels Griffon;
  • Maltese lapdogs;
  • Japanese chin.

Not only decorative small dogs are clumsy and helpless in everyday life, but also large elderly animals, as well as restless and active puppies who always and everywhere want to be with the owner. A special ladder compensates for the small growth of the pet and will prevent sprains and fractures of the limbs.

Owners of pregnant dogs, as well as breeds with a long spine, but short legs (Welsh Corgi, Dachshunds, Pugs, English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Dandy Dinmont Terriers, Scottish Terriers) should take a closer look at this product. Special steps will allow them to calmly go up to the sleeping place or, if they wish, to receive affection from the owner sitting on a high armchair or sofa.

One can’t do without a step ladder for small dogs when an animal often travels in a car or happens to be in a country house. It is advisable to buy a folding structure if the pet has undergone surgery and requires long-term rehabilitation, as well as minimizing the risk of seam divergence. Sometimes a ramp is convenient to use at an exhibition or on vacation with your pet. Such a necessary product gives a feeling of freedom and independence, positively affects the mood of the dog, making it more self-confident and active.

Types of stairs for dogs

Many manufacturers of ladders for small dogs offer a wide range of attached and folding designs. To simplify the selection, they can be divided into several types:

  • Simple wooden patterns. Withstand the weight of even a large dog, up to 45-50 kg. Most often made from pine or birch. Special carpet prevents slipping paws. Some wooden staircases are sold along with fabric covers for the steps, which are fixed with zippers, Velcro or straps. It is very easy to wash them in a regular machine, although for a long-haired breed it is better to choose a smooth material so that wool does not accumulate on the steps. The remaining wooden models have a standard varnished finish. They do not have fabric covers, so the structure is simply wiped away from dirt with a wet cloth and lubricated once a year with sunflower oil.

  • Folding ladder made of plastic. A sufficiently stable product with anti-slip rubber legs or a solid support that can withstand animals up to 15-20 kg. It is very simple to wash it if the pet came from the street with dirty paws, if necessary, clean it in the closet. On the steps of a plastic ladder, anti-slip is usually fixed

  • Foam frames. To protect the small dog from injury, many owners choose soft steps-ladders with 2-3 steps, consisting of pressed foam rubber. A removable cover made of thick fabric, for example, jeans, denim or velor, is put on top of the product. To increase safety add additional inserts with anti-slip effect.

There are many elegant and stylish models of dog ladders on the market for pet products that perfectly fit into the home interior. Experts recommend for miniature decorative animals weighing up to 2 kg to choose attached ladder ramps with a step height of no more than 10-11 cm. 4-5 step models are suitable for larger breeds weighing up to 20 kg.

You can see the current price of stairs for dogs and buy them right here:

Before buying, you need to measure the height of the furniture to which you plan to attach an additional product, to choose its color. A wide staircase with a height of 45-50 cm is safer and more convenient for an animal of small size and weight. Sometimes such soft dog designs are used as a favorite bed. They provide comfort and coziness for the pet, save the animal from sprains and dislocations, and owners - from the additional costs of the services of a veterinarian.

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