Why and why do dogs eat grass

Pet owners often wonder why a dog eats grass for a walk. This is a very common phenomenon in most cases should not cause concern. However, sometimes such behavior can signal existing digestive problems.

The reasons

If the dog eats grass on the street, then this is required for its body. Observation of animals showed that about 80% of pets strive to eat at least some greens during a walk. Of these, only 9% had gastrointestinal problems. The fact that the dog eats grass, and then vomits it, indicates a violation of the digestive system. As a rule, a healthy animal does not have any problems eating green vegetation. She comes out naturally. If the pet does not feel discomfort, is active and cheerful, has an excellent appetite, you should not worry about the eaten grass.

There are several suggestions among owners why dogs eat grass:

  • In order to replenish the reserves of vitamins and minerals.
  • To eliminate the smell from the mouth.
  • To get rid of an existing disease.

Zoologists treat such assumptions with a great deal of skepticism. No matter what kind of grass dogs eat, their body is not able to absorb the nutrients it contains.

The digestive system of predators is not suitable for processing green food. In addition, it lacks the necessary enzymes for its digestion. It is noted that even those pets who receive balanced dry food containing all the necessary trace elements are engaged in pinching greens. It is unlikely that the dog is concerned about the unpleasant smell from the mouth, as well as the condition of the teeth. Especially when you consider that he can not chew grass. Dog teeth are adapted only to tear, bite.

The explanation of why a dog eats grass on the street is quite simple. Blades of grass have a certain stiffness, which irritates the gastric mucosa, provokes the contraction of its walls, causing a gag reflex. At the same time, a rotting lump of food comes out. In addition, greenery contributes to the outflow of bile. Therefore, the animal, eating grass, gets rid of the feeling of discomfort in the stomach. Having chewed some greens, bile comes out with vomiting. Noticing that the pet became interested in grass, do not rush home. It is better to wait for the moment of vomiting on the street than to clean it at home.

In addition, the grass is a source of moisture, which helps with constipation. When irritated with green mucous membrane, peristalsis improves, due to which the contents of the intestine move to the exit. Diarrhea, which sometimes occurs in this case, should not cause concern. However, if the animal suffers from constipation, the problem cannot be ignored.

If the cause is illness

The lack of a balanced diet leads to the accumulation of a large amount of mucus in the stomach. A dog vomits when fried or boiled foods without vegetables and fiber predominate in her diet. There is an increase in the amount of secreted bile, an increase in the level of acidity, which becomes the cause of serious diseases. Noticing that the dog eats grass constantly, causing it to vomit and regurgitate, it is necessary to show the pet to the veterinarian.

The following symptoms are also a reason for contacting a doctor:

  • Fading of the coat.
  • Loose stool.
  • Lethargy, lethargy.
  • Admixture of blood in vomit.
  • Change in body temperature (up or down).
  • Blanching or yellowness of the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth.
  • Dry nose.

Such signs cause a suspicion of gastritis, the presence of infection or poisoning, so it is necessary to examine the animal in the clinic. The cause may be an improper diet or a chronic disease.

If there are no signs of the disease and the pet behaves as usual - active, cheerful, he has a normal temperature and good appetite, you can get by with a tablet of activated charcoal or a spoon of enterosgel. These funds will help get rid of toxins in the body.

When the grass is dangerous

It's okay that the dog wants to chew grass, no. But this. only if you choose the right place for a walk. Everything that grows along roadsides, on lawns, accumulates a lot of toxins, heavy metals, and may contain excrement from sick animals. On the leaves of plants can be parasites that can provoke an infectious disease. When walking a pet in squares or on country lawns, you need to make sure that the vegetation on them is not treated with herbicides or pesticides. On a walk in the forest or in the field, it is likely that the pet will grab a poisonous plant and get poisoned.

What kind of grass can dogs eat?

Pets prefer plants that suit their taste. Many people eat greens just because they like it. Regardless of the reason that the dog eats grass, the owner must ensure that this does not cause harm to the health of the animal. A great option would be to buy in a pet store a special mixture of seeds intended for growing a house. They are sown in a pot and do not require special care. After a while, the dog can regale with tasty grass, which was not exposed to acid rain, chemicals and was not covered with street dust. And the owner will not have to worry about his health.

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