Science and mysticism: why a cat cannot be looked into the eyes

Many have heard, and more than once, that you can’t look into bottomless cat’s eyes, but rarely does anyone wonder why this should not be done. Let's take a closer look at all the reasons why you should not look closely into the eyes of a cat.

The main reasons why you can not look into the eyes of a cat

All the main reasons for this statement can be divided into two main groups, so to speak in meaning:

  • Scientific
  • Mystical

We will discuss each of these groups in more detail, and we will find out all the justifications for such an unusual sign.

Scientific background

Everyone knows that cats are notorious predators that live in prides in nature. Home purps, although they are devoid of a large flock, however, they retained all the habits and habits of their wild relatives. Thus, it becomes clear that the behavior of different members of the pack means very specific intentions.

Let's imagine that your pet perceives you and your family members as their own kind - big cats living with him in the same territory. Wild cats in the pride always distinguish a leader - the dominant animal that owns the territory, and takes care of protecting their possessions, receiving in return all the females. So your pet cat is looking for his place in the pack - he can mark the territory, or show his temper.

This is where we come to the main reason why cats cannot be looked into the eyes - they perceive a direct unblinking look in their eyes as an open threat, or a challenge to a duel. Remember the street cats during the fight - they are inextricably watching their rival, even moving, because if he looked away, he admitted defeat. By the way, using this technique, you can show your pet who is more important, and break his stubborn temper. Having won the duel in “peepers”, you will prove your superiority and dominant position, and the cat will have to admit that the main thing in the house is the person.

However, sometimes it happens that a cat responds to a direct piercing gaze with direct aggression - as in nature. In this case, the cat may scratch you, because it believes that you will attack him, and may attack first.

But not always and not all cats aggressively perceive a long human gaze: if it comes from a loving and beloved owner, they can look back for a long time. When the pet ceases to like or annoys this occupation, she simply looks away or moves to another place. It should be noted that a properly raised cat, which is loved and taken care of by households, is not capable of causing them any harm, either openly or stealthily, even if the look directed at it was unfriendly.

Therefore, if there is no need for an educational moment - it’s not worth checking once again why you can’t look into a cat’s eyes - you will just disturb and agitate your pet for no reason.

Mystical beliefs

In addition to the main, scientific explanation, there are many unrealistic, far-fetched reasons why it is strictly forbidden to look into cat's eyes. Most likely, this is due to the unusual structure of the eye - the vertical pupil and the absence of the visible part of the protein give the impression of a huge, specific eye. People in antiquity did not see such eyes anymore, and therefore it was believed that looking into the eyes of a cat was a disaster.

In addition, folklore always attributed to cats magical abilities - just remember all the evil spirits that the cat always accompanied. Based on this, it becomes clear that the cat’s eyes, namely its attentive motionless look, endowed with all sorts of magical properties. So, in order not to come into contact with evil spirits, people created the belief that cats cannot be looked into the eyes.

Black cats were generally considered accomplices of the devil, and helpers of witches, respectively, and the attitude towards them was specific. During the Inquisition, black cats were killed, so it is not at all surprising - they were afraid to look into their eyes - it was believed that a witch or a sorcerer could influence people through her cat.

You can also recall ancient Egypt, where the cat became a deity, and was also a symbol of the other world. It was believed that even home-made coffees have a continuous connection with the spirit world, which means that they can bring part of that energy into our world. Therefore, the Egyptians avoided looking into cat's eyes, trying to protect themselves from the effects of otherworldly forces.

Anatomy Features

Some scientists, destroying the above myths and facts, have identified the reasons why a person often does not tolerate prolonged visual contact with the cat's eye. It's all about anatomy - the human eye is able to look at something with the help of central and peripheral vision separately. Looking at a specific object, the rest, located on the sides, he sees blurry or does not notice at all. To get a good look at an object on the side, he will have to look away.

In a cat, both sections of the visual apparatus can practically merge and work in one direction. Therefore, the eyes of a pet can survey all visible things in one, common field of view and she does not have to concentrate on one subject that interests her in order to carefully examine it. When it seems to you that a pet is looking somewhere into the distance and does not notice anything around, you can be sure that in fact she is aware of everything that is happening around and can at any time react to the slightest movement.

Due to these anatomical features, a cat can react aggressively to a direct, incomprehensible view of a person.

That's all the main reasons why you can not look into the eyes of cats. Which of them deserves attention is up to you to judge. If you believe in mysticism and signs, you should not peer into the bottomless pool of your pet's eyes. If mysticism is prejudice for you, then you should remember the scientific explanation of this fact, and try not to worry your pet once again without much need.

Owners of domestic cats can not be afraid of inappropriate behavior on the part of the pets, since a direct human look means nothing to them. The reason for this fearlessness is not disclosed - perhaps they hope to receive some delicacy from a person as a reward for endurance.

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