The cost of Pomeranian

Pomeranian spitz dogs are one of the funniest and cutest companion dogs. These fluffy lumps of happiness easily cause tenderness even in the most serious and adult people. Seeing such a dog, I want to grab it and cuddle it - the long fluffy hair and small size turn it into a living toy. Thanks to this unusual appearance, as well as its relative rarity, this outlandish breed of dog has always been expensive. How much does a Pomeranian cost today? We will try to answer this question in this article.

A short digression into history

Spitz has always been held in high esteem - this dog was a symbol of prosperity, wealth and prosperity back in the Middle Ages. Puppies were given to royalty, imperial families in the East had their kennels, dogs of which were considered to be almost a member of the imperial family.

Only for great merit, or for a very special occasion, such dogs were given a gift - this was a symbol of a higher disposition. No wonder the Pomeranian was shown in paintings in the hands of noble ladies. In the old days, such a dog was a real decoration of women thanks to its luxurious fur coat and funny muzzle.

Today, Pomeranian spitz dogs are no less popular, and the reason is no longer in high cost. Simply, these friendly doggies are very convenient for keeping in urban conditions - they take up little space, they do not need much attention to themselves, and they do not really need long walks. However, Pomeranian puppies did not enter the mass circulation, and there are several reasons for this.

The first is how much a Pomeranian puppy costs. The initial price tag for a puppy without documents is about 30 thousand rubles. The second reason is difficulties in breeding. A bitch rarely leads several puppies - usually in the litter one baby, less often two or three. Thanks to such circumstances, representatives of this breed remain very rare and expensive dogs, although they can be found on the streets of modern cities.

What determines the price of Pomeranian spitz?

There are actually several criteria on which the price of these wonderful dogs depends. Among the main ones are called:

  • Dog size;
  • Pedigree and the presence of regalia in parents;
  • Exterior and pedigree data;
  • Kudos to the nursery;
  • Gender of the puppy;
  • The age of the puppy at the time of sale;
  • Puppy class;

We will consider each of these factors in more detail in order to nevertheless find out how much a Pomeranian spitz costs in Russia, and how much will be adequate for your future pet.

Pomeranian size

The most high-quality, and therefore expensive, it is considered to be small dogs. If the size of the adult dog exceeds the maximum standards for the breed, then such a Spitz will not be much appreciated. The price will always be a small doggie, whose miniature features cause much more emotion than the appearance of a large dog.


Well, here, as they say, everything is so clear - if the dog has a good pedigree and titled ancestors in the family, then most likely such a puppy will also be in good condition, and will be able to win at various exhibitions. There is another option to save - buy a Pomeranian puppy from titled parents, but at the same time conclude an agreement that you agree not to breed dogs for sale. Most often, such transactions are made with further mandatory sterilization, and such dogs are much cheaper than their relatives.

Exterior and pedigree data

Frankly speaking, if a dog does not look as it should, then no one will buy it. Accordingly, the question of how much a Pomeranian costs, if it does not look like a Spitz, disappears by itself. Such a dog can become an excellent pet, which will be a favorite member of the family, however, such dogs are forbidden to participate in breeding by the rules of all canine organizations.

Kudos to a nursery or breeder

Any kennel seeks to become the best, so that the fame of their dogs boomed throughout the world. For this, the best representatives are taken to exhibitions, brought with foreign dogs, and some characteristics are added as a result of crossbreeding. Thanks to the complex and long work of the breeders, the best representatives of the breed are born. It is these kennels that are considered prestigious, and their dogs are very expensive.

Paul Pomeranian puppy

The price varies even depending on gender - females are more expensive, males are cheaper. This is explained quite simply - a bitch can bring offspring, which can be sold in the future.

Puppy age

Depending on how much the puppy has grown at the time of its sale, its price is highly dependent. Puppies raised up to six months are more expensive than babies, because the breeder feeds him all this time, performs all the necessary veterinary procedures, provides the puppy with vitamins and minerals - and this is an expensive pleasure. Thus, the question of how much the grown Pomeranian spitz costs is quite logical - more expensive than a milk puppy or an adult dog.

Puppy class

The classiness of puppies is the main difference in price. There are three classes into which all thoroughbred dogs are divided: pets or a pet class, breeding individuals, that is, suitable for breeding, and finally, a show class - the best representatives of the breed.

Pet class

The cheapest are Pomeranian puppies of a pet class. These are healthy animals that for some reason are not allowed for breeding. Or dogs with obvious defects of pedigree characters - they are also not allowed to continue the birth line. The price of such puppies in Russia starts from 20-25 thousand rubles.

Brid class

Dog breeds are a bit more expensive. These are dogs that meet all the requirements of breed standards, and are allowed for breeding. Such dogs are usually bought for the purpose of further breeding and earning on puppies, because they are asked for from 35-40 thousand rubles or more.

Show class

Show class Pomeranian most expensive. Such dogs are the best in the breed, and are intended for exhibitions and breeding. They usually collect all the most prestigious awards, receive the most honorary titles and regalia. Such a dog becomes an excellent advertisement for any, even the most famous kennel. That is why the price of such dogs starts from 70-80 thousand, and can reach several hundred thousand rubles per individual.

The intricacies of buying a Pomeranian

If you decide to make yourself a true friend, then in addition to thinking about how much a Pomeranian dog costs, you need to be very careful when choosing a seller. Today this breed is very popular, which means that hunters will profit from it - a dime a dozen. To get a high-quality and thoroughbred puppy, you need to contact only professional clubs that will advise you honest and decent breeders.

In addition, you need to ask the owner for documents confirming that his dogs are purebred Pomeranian. Otherwise, you can get a pretty cur, which in childhood was like a spitz puppy.

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