Yuri Kuklachev and his cats: video

The name of the founder of the glorious dynasty of cats, Yuri Kuklachev, is widely heard. A talented trainer with his four-legged artists for many years gives a sea of ​​positive emotions to his viewers.

Kuklachev and his pets

Cats bring happiness and avert trouble - the firm conviction of Yuri Kuklachev. One of the representatives of the cat family once saved his life by taking him out of the house a minute before the earthquake. The second pet saved the cottage from the fire, gathering with his piercing howl all the households at the site of ignition. These animals in response to love and care give the whole family of Yuri colossal charges of vigor.

For his beloved pets, the artist created the Kuklachev Cat Theater in Moscow in the early 90s of the last century. In 2005, the theater was given the status of a state.

Today, over 200 four-legged performers, representing 38 breeds, live and successfully work under its arches. According to the founder, he remembers not only the names of his tailed artists, but also knows the nature of each of them.

Any of Kuklachev’s performances with cats turns out to be bright and exciting, for example, as in this video:

The world's only cat theater

The Kuklachev Cat Theater is perhaps the only place on our planet where our smaller brothers are proudly called artists. As Yuri himself notes, cats are prompting ideas for plays. With their behavior and habits, they kind of hint as to which of the roles they are ready to cope with at 100%. Four-legged performers in an effort to please the viewer are ready to show all their creative abilities.

A vivid confirmation of this is a video clip with an excerpt from the number. Just look at what Yuri Kuklachev and his cats demonstrate:

Today, 3 dynasties of the Kulachevs work in the theater. They are all different, for example, the youngest son of the founder, Vladimir Kuklachev, successfully combined the grace of cats and classical ballet. While one group performs in Moscow, the other two are touring the world.

According to the feedback of the audience, who had the pleasure of visiting Kuklachev’s performance with cats, you can not only admire the artistic talents of graceful animals in the walls of the theater, but also watch them after the end of the action. To do this, glass aviaries with restrooms for artists are installed on the second floor of the theater. All animals living here do not know human aggression, and therefore are contact and curious.

By visiting the Kuklachev Circus with cats, you can get a lot of positive emotions. Even a short video clip causes a lot of positive emotions, to say nothing of a full-fledged performance:

Cat themes can be seen in the exterior and interior of the theater. At the entrance of the viewer, there are bronze cats whose pointed noses are polished to a shine. It is believed that to fulfill the desired desire it is enough to rub them 3 times. Images of cats are everywhere: on the marble floor, in stained-glass windows, wall paintings, door handles ... In this theater you will definitely not get bored!

You can see the repertoire of performances on the official website of the Kuklachev’s cat theater www.kuklachev.ru. Ticket price ranges from 500 to 2500 rubles.

Through hardship to the stars

The number of performances, the main characters of which are cats, is in the hundreds. But few people know that creating a production with cats is not an easy task. For example, a spectacle called "My Favorite Cats", which was very popular with viewers, was prepared for 7 years. To do only a small part of this number, a lot of work has been done:

Another Kuklachev’s performance entitled “Boris Cat Olympics”, which has hundreds of positive reviews from grateful spectators, has been practiced daily for 2.5 years. The main role in it was played by the cat Boris, known to most of us due to filming in the commercial Kitiket. The outbred cat got into the backstage from the shelter and got the main role, bypassing more than two hundred rivals and defeating everyone at the casting with his unbridled energy and talent.

Video with the famous cat Kuklacheva:

The main pride of the Kuklachevs feline family is a cat named Hippo. In 2005, he was awarded the role in the television series based on Bulgakov’s work “The Master and Margarita”.

Raising four-legged artists

Since cats are essentially predators, albeit not as large as their wild counterparts, rehearsals are organized for them in the evenings. It was during this period that the artists were most active and accommodating. Classes are held in the form of a game with tasks and rewards.

Cats are inherently independent and proud. They cannot be forced to perform a certain trick. The only right approach is love and kindness. Only under such a condition will the cat allow himself to be persuaded to complete the task and will show all his artistic abilities. If the animal feels that its owner loves with all his heart, he will definitely reciprocate and will be happy to learn new things.

Video selection: each cat has its own talent:

The key to a good result is the close relationship of the owner with the animal, which manifests itself through attachment and trust. The pet should rejoice in the appearance of the owner and wait for communication with him.

According to the founder of the theater, cats are born actresses. Their faces are able to depict up to 34 different expressions. You just need to learn how to observe, highlight features of character and find talent inherent in each of them.

Kuklachev's cats very subtly feel the energy of the audience. Thanks to this, a performance in front of a diverse audience for four-legged artists turns into an exciting game, during which they successfully realize their artistic mission.

Watch the video: "Moscow Cat Theatre" - Cats perform in Circus acts FULL Documentary short (January 2020).