We will help you choose a name for the cat: a scientific approach to the problem

A small “tail” has appeared in your house, which, for several weeks now, has been called “Hey you”, “Small”, “Kys-kys” or just “Cat”? Do you want the name to be beautiful, like the pet and make sense? Let's figure out how to choose a name for a cat without missing important points.

What do cats hear?

It's no secret that cats hear better and more people, but how much? About three times! It is difficult to understand and realize, even people with very sensitive hearing pick up and absorb vibrations of sound waves in the range of 0.1-200 dB (decibels). However, the maximum threshold for sound volume is no longer felt by a person, expressed either by deafness or pain. Kittens distinguish sounds whose strength ranges up to 1000 dB., And adult cats up to 650 dB.

Of course, in the perception of sounds, the amplitude of the sound wave is also important, but we are talking about the nicknames of cats, and not about jet engines, so this aspect can be omitted. The cat's brain perceives and processes more information. You can assume that your tail has more “RAM” than you, especially if the pet is still small. Why all these numbers? - For clarity! Think for yourself, would you be happy to respond to a name that sounds like a creak of polystyrene foam on glass? So the cat does not need such "pleasures".

Remember! Cats hear sounds more clearly. A nickname with too sharp sounds can cause discomfort to the pet.

Is the meaning of the name important?

Deciphering the name is important only for the owner. Naturally, you will not want to call your treasure a "simple" name, and even in vain, but more on that below. The longer and freakier the nickname, the more time it will take for the kitten to get used to the new name. Plus, keep in mind that both you and your family members will get tired of "breaking their tongue", calling their pet with the full name "Tyson", most likely, in a couple of months the baby will be "dignified" simply by Tai. Why create complexity initially?

Further, the nicknames of commanders, gods, kings, explorers and great people. All this is beautiful, loud and "pathos", but does your pet need it? Now you say, what about the pedigree, my baby was called breeders. Indeed, the kittens whose names were selected by the breeders are most often more than respectable - Subaru, Barbarella, Genclerberliga, Vin Diesel, Optimus Prime and, if very lucky, Burbuzyaka Zhabs. Remember that no one obliges you to call an animal using full "regalia", you can choose a nickname that is not even in tune with the "nominal name".

Note! Choosing the nickname "with meaning", do not forget about the daily comfort of your family and pet.

How to choose a "comfortable nickname" for a cat

A cat receives a name to which she must respond, not only after ringing a spoon and a bowl. Choosing a name that your pet will always hear is quite simple, but you need to resort to tricks and use the knowledge of cat physiology:

  • The brain of little hunters is tuned to pick up any sounds that rodents reproduce. The squeak and "louse" of a mouse are inferior sounds, and overtones that are partially reproduced in human speech when pronouncing the letters "c", "z" and "c".
  • Cats use meow only when communicating with people. Buka "m" and its combination with "I" and "y", acts as a means of reverse communication.
  • Pets remember many long words, however, the most acute reaction is observed to short and meaningful ones - "Eat," "Come to me," "Clever." The optimal nickname is no more than 2 syllables and it’s easier for you, and the cat will hear and perceive the name, even if it is busy with something.
  • Sounds played when pronouncing the letters "g", "h", "w", "u" remind the cat a warning signal of the opponent before a conflict or a fight. Of course, the pet will respond to the nickname, however, associatively, the cat will be afraid, afraid or preparing for an attack.

How to classify options and make a choice?

Many owners are at a loss, ask the opinions of friends, "storm" dictionaries with alphabetical lists of names, but "it's not that." Make 2 simple conclusions, which will significantly narrow your search:

  • Do you want to choose a name for a kitten for a boy, a girl, or are you still unsure of your pet's field?
  • Which plan do you like the names most - human, associative, describing the character or appearance.

It is interesting! Common cat names that are used without much emphasis are often optimal. For example, Murka or Murchik, Manka, Vaska, Musya or Busya - short, sonorous, “positive sounding” for a pet.

If you like human names, when choosing a nickname, you need to pay attention to your own emotions. Often, to choose a name for a cat, girls, men use the names of their wives or their lovers in their youth. Think carefully about whether you will bring discomfort to your loved ones and the people in whose honor you name the animal, because this is fraught with negative emotions about the animal.

"Describing nicknames", most often go to animals with an extravagant appearance or an unforgettable character. For example, how to choose a name for a red cat? And if it is striped and plump? Naturally, you are now thinking about Grafield. Yes, the nickname is long and does not contain the "necessary letters", but you will think about this name every time you look at the pet, so why complicate it? Often, the color of the animals resembles a Fox or a Mink, again, associations are stronger than "great designs", this is how the human brain works. Does it ever happen that as soon as you enter the house, you think, "What did my Fury do today?" So much for the nickname - Fury or Fur-Fur.

Special attention is given to the names that carry meaning:

  • God - Ramses, Thor, Bassed, Athena, Zeus.
  • Famous historical figures - Napoleon, Caesar, Cleopatra.
  • Often, owners give paired names to animals, for example, Gerda and Kai, Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet.

Do not "rest" on the semantic load. Just think how many of your acquaintances Alexandrov (Defenders) and Victor (Winners), leading a normal, you can say everyday life. Lot? So draw conclusions.

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