The smartest dog breeds: our TOP-10 rating

We offer your attention to our TOP-10 rating of the most intelligent dog breeds, according to owners and dog handlers, as well as conclusions made on the basis of collected statistics and experience. This article does not pretend to be recognized by the cynological commissions, it is aimed at acquiring new information and assistance in choosing a puppy. In fact, the breed is not so important, in the hands of a loving and caring owner, the puppy of the "noble" breed will grow up a full-fledged personality with elegant manners.

10 Place - Aristocratic Welsh Corgi

Native English Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke open our list. The first participation in the exhibition and the official statement about the breed is dated 1892, but the history of origin goes back to the time of the birth of Great Britain. Welsh Corgi weigh from 8 to 15 kg, with growth up to 30.5 cm.

Despite its modest size, the breed belongs to shepherd dogs. Physically strong, agile and fast dogs easily manage herds of cattle. In urban content, the breed is considered an excellent companion and athlete. It is easy to learn teams, tricks, agility, flyball and almost all "dog" sports.

It is interesting! According to one legend, before the appearance of people in the world, Welsh Corgi were fairies sled dogs, this is evidenced by the "trace of the saddle" on the back of the dog. Pembrokes have such a stain, and for cardigans, a sense of humor is included in the breed standard.

9 Place - Continental Toy Spaniel - charming Papillon and Falen

Small dogs with a smart look and strands of hair descending from ears to chest. The Continental Toy Spaniel was allegedly bred in Belgium and France between the 13th and 14th centuries. Depending on the shape of the ears, the breed is divided into two types: Papillon and Falen with erect and drooping ears, respectively. The maximum growth of the breed is 28 centimeters, with a weight of 1.5 to 4.5 kg.

The Continental Toy Spaniel is officially recognized as the eighth, smartest breed in the world. "Sofa" -type dogs have a lively temperament and hunting skills. For the owner, the pet becomes a true friend and always the next on the heels of a companion. It is believed that continental toy spaniels have a strong intuition and warn the owners of an impending disaster.

An entertaining historical reference! The French chronicles reflect the story of the murder of one of the kings - Henry III. His papillon, Lilin, met the killer, with furious barking and unusual aggression. In order to preserve the decency of the audience, the servants removed the dog from the hall, where in a few minutes there was a bloody murder and a coup d'etat.

8 Place - Giant Newfoundland

Giants of the canine world with thick black or brown hair. There is no reliable data on the origin of the breed, it is believed that the birthplace of dogs is Newfoundland. There are three main versions, according to their data, the progenitors of the breed are wolves, mastiffs and shepherd dogs. Disputes and disagreements are caused by a unique physiological feature - in Newfoundland there are membranes between the fingers that make the dog an excellent swimmer. Depending on the gender, the height of the dogs varies from 66 to 71 cm, weight from 54 to 68 kg.

Newfoundlands are completely devoid of hunting instincts, they love and protect all representatives of the fauna. Fearless, independent, self-sufficient, loyal, good-natured, hardy, curious - this is not a complete list of dog characteristics. Newfoundland is a versatile companion who always tries to be helpful. It is believed that dogs of this breed feel the pain of the owner, they warm and lick joints with arthritis, constantly "control" owners with heart failure, and can comfort children.

It is interesting! In 1919, a shipwreck occurred off the coast of Canada. A rescue operation was not possible due to the raging blizzard and storm. On board the ship were 92 passengers, including children. The only way to evacuate was the cable, with which the sailors expected to pull the boats to the shore. The sailor who volunteered to sail died. The operation was entrusted to Newfoundland Tang. The dog stayed in ice water for more than 15 minutes, but brought the cable to the ship, all people were saved. In honor of the Hero Dogs, two bronze statues, Newfoundland and Labrador, are installed on St. John's Wharf.

7 Place - invincible Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Based on the name, the Caucasus is the birthplace of shepherds, however, the breed is more than 2,000 years old. Massive dogs with growth from 64 centimeters and weighing from 45 to 70 kilograms. Caucasians puppies look like cute teddy bears, so many owners are fascinated and get a pet, not realizing what to do with such a dog next.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is courageous, determined, persistent and extremely intelligent. An inexperienced owner risks becoming her pet, and not vice versa. Distinctive character traits are the ability of independent decisions and the complete disregard for useless, according to the dog, teams. It is believed that Caucasians are difficult to train and this is true. The dog very quickly realizes that the training is just a "performance" and ignores any attempts by the owner. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog needs a steady hand, the owner’s experience and patience. With proper education, the dog will lay down his life for the safety of the family, not many can boast of such fidelity.

Interesting fact! Caucasian shepherd dogs are protected by numerous herds of livestock alone or in pairs. The dog is able to neutralize the pack of wolves completely independently, while its purpose is not the death of the opponent, Caucasians do not catch up with the "criminal" if he runs away from their territory.

6th Place - Spitz

German and his close relative Pomeranian Spitz are the oldest representatives of the canine tribe. The history of origin stretches back to the Stone Age, and the breed itself became the progenitor of many dogs. A miniature fluffy lump with expressive eyes is by no means a decorative dog; Spitz is a full-fledged companion. Due to age, the breed contains many subspecies with growth from 18 to 53 cm.

Spitz is so diligent that remembering the team the second time is considered the norm. For the full development of the dog should be provided with "food" for the mind and the ability to perform personal functions. Do not look at the small size, allow the pet to drag the garbage bag to the door or to dust its litter from the dust - the pet will definitely appreciate the privileges and will be imbued with respect for the head of the "pack".

You will not believe! A Pomeranian named Boo has become a symbol of one of the social networks and recognized Internet star. The hostess put a photo of her pet on Boo's personal page and wrote comments on his behalf. The puppy has won the attention of more than 1.3 million subscribers.

The rating of the most intelligent dog breeds has approached the equator, there are only 5 places left! Next - pets who have won millions of fans and received recognition of their intellectual abilities around the world.

5th Place - the brave Rottweiler

Rottweilers are the descendants of fearless fighting and hunting dogs. The official appearance of the breed in Germany dates back to the 18th century. Rottweiler is a massive, short-haired dog with a height of 56 to 68 cm, and a weight of 42 to 50 kilograms, depending on gender. According to the classification, the rottweiler is part of the “medium” group, but in terms of power and endurance it competes with the “especially large” ones.

The dog is obedient and curious, enjoys particular benefit to the owners. A socially stable character is tightly intertwined with distrust of strangers and a willingness to defend the interests of their "pack." Self-sufficiency pushes the pet to guardianship and patronage, often, Rottweilers "take under the wing" of children or elderly family members.

The Rottweiler nicknamed Yves became the hero of the city for her courage and endless devotion. Her mistress, Katie, suffering from partial paralysis of her limbs, was in a burning car. The woman could not leave the car interior on her own, but was able to open the doors of her darling. The dog, instead of escaping, grabbed the mistress by the legs and pulled out of the burning car. According to the residents who arrived in time, the car completely caught fire after a few minutes, after the woman left the car cabin.

4 Place - the star of the canine world - Labrador Retriever

The second representative of the list from the island of Newfoundland. Labradors, originally used as living power, later became famous as loyal and brave heroes. Officially, the history of the breed dates back to the 19th century, but traces of labradors can be traced in earlier sources. The standard height of the dog varies from 54 to 57 cm, weight from 27 to 35 kg. For its compactness and excellent companion qualities, the Labrador has become one of the most popular dogs of the whole world.

Labrador Retriever, is rightly considered a universal dog. The dog is happy when he is next to the owner and takes part in the life of the family. Representatives are successfully trained in the "work" of a lifeguard and a guide, they are engaged in dog sports with great pleasure. The process of training is very entertaining, the dog is trying so hard, peering into the eyes and listening to the words that there is simply no way to give a command with a "stone" face or to punish a pet.

Dorado, a guide, took care of his blind master Omar every minute. On an unfortunate day - 11.09. 2001, Dorado with the ward was in one of the Gemini towers. After the aircraft rammed the building, the owner physically cannot get out of the crumbling building. The dog firmly grabbed the owner's trouser leg and dragged him to the emergency exit. Despite injuries, bruises and abrasions, Omar and his faithful friend survived.

Ahead is the finale and the top three, meet! Einsteins and Newtons of the canine world!

3 Place - Universal German Shepherd

The closest relative of the wolf of modern breeds, with a long and complicated history of origin. The first, officially recognized breed representative, Graf, was exhibited in Hanover, Germany. The height and weight of the dog, depending on gender: 55-65 cm and 22-40 kg.

German shepherds were bred for patrol, including guarding the camps of prisoners and prisoners. Careful work on improving the breed has created a "universal soldier" who is trained in literally all kinds of "work". By crossing only calm and friendly individuals, dog handlers have achieved absolute social adaptation. Modern breed representatives are primarily companions.

Leo is a German shepherd "customs officer" who fell into the Guinness Book of Records. The dog spent 9 years in the airport inspection service, during which time he detained more than 300 people who were involved in the transport of drugs.

2 Place - Australian Shepherd and her unforgettable look

Australian Shepherd or Aussie, bred in the USA breed of cattle dogs. The breed is indirectly related to Australia, one of the ancestors, the Basque Shepherd, was brought to the United States from the "homeland of the kangaroo." Like most shepherds, Aussies belong to medium-sized dogs - height 46-58 cm, weight 16-32 kg.

A phenomenally beautiful dog with an expressive look. An active and dedicated Aussie will be a great companion or sports partner. The main thing for the Australian Shepherd is the praise and approval of the owner, for a kind word the dog is capable of feats. A distinctive feature is hyperresponsibility, a dog can spend hours nursing a child, a cat or a hamster.

It is interesting! During service, the Aussies do not bite. They graze birds, cattle and small livestock exclusively with their eyes. The dog becomes, lowers its head and looks at the beating off animal, this is enough for the wanderer to return to the family.

1st Place - The phenomenal Border Collie

The leader of the ten most intelligent dog breeds is Border Collie, the history of the breed dates back to 1570, but its official recognition was recorded in 1915. The reliable pedigree of dogs is not traced, but it is known that its ancestors lived in the area between England and Scotland. Border Collie is a compact cowgirl with a maximum weight of 20 kg and a height of up to 53 cm.

Grace and intelligence, a lively and understanding look, boundless devotion and care for the owner - an incomplete list of advantages. Due to the phenomenal speed of training, Border Collie is free to have the skills to carry out several types of services. The energy of the dog makes it an excellent athlete and companion. Frisbee and a lot of imagination - the minimum set for everyday walks.

Unbelievable! The cleverest representative of the Border Collie breed, Chayser, has attracted the attention of the whole world. The owner, John W. Pillay, taught his darling 1000 words. For training, the owner used toys, by the age of six, Chase has a "plush mountain" of 1000 toys and unmistakably finds the one that John asks for. Chase knows exactly what a vampire, amphibian or octopus looks like.

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