Sex Barrier for dogs: instructions for use

After achieving sexual activity in dogs there is a sexual hunt (estrus, gon). During this period, not only the hormonal, but also the psychological background of the dog changes. In addition to castration, sterilization, there are hormonal contraceptives for animals, for example, Sex Barrier for dogs, to correct behavior, reduce sexual hunting, and sterilization.

The composition of the drug

Sex Barrier for dogs - a unique veterinary bihormonal patented contraceptive of a new generation for oral administration. Designed to solve a wide range of problems associated with sexual hunting, unwanted viscous. The drug was marked with a Gold, Platinum quality mark, which indicates its safety for animals.

Sex Barrier is available for dogs of both sexes, the composition of the drug has a different content of active substances:

  • water-soluble mepregenol acetate - 2-6 mg in 1 ml of a veterinary preparation (the first value is indicated for females, the second for males);
  • ethinyl estradiol (0.02-003 mg. in 1 ml of a hormonal agent).

In addition to the main components, the composition includes olive oil containing vitamins A, E, F. Fulfills the function of a solvent.

Important! The main active ingredients are synthetic analogues of hormones that are produced in animals.

The advantage of the drug is its affordable cost, ease of use, high contraceptive effect. Sex Barrier - a high-quality and rather safe for the health of dogs hormonal contraceptive. Hypoallergenic, does not have a local irritant effect on the animal organism, subject to the rules for its use.

Storage conditions

In order for the Sex Barrier preparation not to lose its effectiveness, it is very important to observe storage conditions. Store the drug in a dark, protected from moisture, UV exposure, out of the reach of children, animals, away from feed, products in the original packaging. The optimum storage temperature is 5-25 degrees.

From the moment of release, the shelf life is 2 years, after which the Sex Barrier is subject to disposal. Using expired drugs can harm your pet’s health.

Release form

Sex Barrier for dogs produces a Russian pharmaceutical company. Two versions of the drug are on sale, namely, for bitches and dogs. They differ in the concentration of the main active substances.

Release form - drops (3 ml), tablets (10 pieces per pack). Drops are packaged in plastic bottles. Tablets are in aluminum blisters. In addition to the drug, a package insert is included in the package, where indications, contraindications, dosages, methods of application are indicated.

The tablets have an original oval shape, double color. For females, pills are released in light pink, for males - light blue.

Indications for use

In the drug, the concentration of hormones is reduced by half. Therefore, Sex Barrier, when used correctly, is not addictive, does not have a detrimental effect on the body of pets.

Indications for use:

  • inhibition of sexual hunting, sexual arousal in dogs of both sexes;
  • correction of behavior, instinctive habits in dogs during the period of sexual hunting, rut;
  • prevention of unwanted pregnancy in females, unwanted mating (postcoital contraception);
  • delicate hormonal adjustment in females.

Important! Sex The barrier has a contraceptive effect during the day after the sexual contact of the female with the male, reduces sexual desire in males.

The drug has not only contraceptive effectiveness, but also a pronounced calming effect due to the combined action of the main active substances. The medicine can also be used to reduce the effects of stress factors, for example, before long-term transportation.

Inhibition of egg maturation occurs. The biological properties of the vaginal environment change, which impedes the progress of sperm into the uterine cavity. The viscosity of the mucous secretion of the uterus also increases, the state of the endometrium changes, which makes it impossible to introduce (implant) an already fertilized egg in case of accidental mating.

In males, the production of sex hormones decreases, and sperm development slows down. Sex Barrier reduces the excitability of active, castrated males, helps in correcting aggressive, antisocial behavior during rutting.

Instructions for use of the drug Sex Barrier

The instructions attached to Sex Barrier contain all the necessary recommendations for dog owners, which must be strictly adhered to.

For young males who are anxious, the dog is given a double single dose on the first day of the course. The following days at the recommended dosage.

To prevent the onset of estrus, shift it to another time, approximately 7-14 days before the planned day of the beginning of sexual hunting, a weekly course in the usual dosage is started. This will delay the egg maturation process for 20-40 days.

To eliminate the anxiety state and minimize stress, for example, transportation of a pet, a daily dose is given 20-24 hours before the trip and the next day in the same dose.

If the female was unscheduledly covered by the male, double dose Sex Barrier should be given to the pet within 20-24 hours after sexual intercourse in order to more likely to prevent unwanted fatigue. In the following days, the medicine is given in the recommended dosage (by weight) in the next 3-4 days.

Important! The restoration of reproductive functions in animals after the end of taking Sex Barrier occurs in about three to four months.

The daily dose is calculated according to the body weight of the animal. The drug in tablets, drops is given forcibly (to the root of the tongue) or mixed with a small piece of meat, minced meat, another treat.


In order not to harm the pet, it is very important to strictly observe the dosage.

Drops Sex Barrier (daily rate):

  • Females, males weighing up to 5 kg - 2 drops per day;
  • Individuals weighing 5-10 kg - 4-8 drops in 24 hours;
  • Dogs from 10 to 30 kg - 10-16 drops;
  • Large breeds whose weight exceeds 30 kg - 18 drops + one drop for every 5 kg of live weight.

Dosage of the tablet form of the drug:

  • Pets weighing up to 5 kg are given 1 tablet per day;
  • A dog with a body weight of 5-10 kg - 2-3 tablets;
  • If the weight of the pet is from 10 to 30 kg - 3-4 pills;
  • Individuals from 30 - 4 tablets + 1 t. For every 10 kg. weight.

Break the daily dose into two doses. Give Sex Barrier morning and evening at intervals of 12 hours. Duration of admission - until the sex drive in the dog disappears completely. On average, the course lasts no more than 7-8 days.


Contraindications Sex Barrier for dogs:

  • individual intolerance by the body of animals of active substances;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • chronic, acute diseases of the genitourinary system of various etiologies;
  • diabetes mellitus, obesity, endocrine pathology;
  • neoplasms of a different nature.

Do not give to pregnant, lactating females, animals that have not reached puberty.

Important! Sex Barrier veterinarians categorically do not recommend using Greyhound for dogs, as well as animals until they reach puberty.

You can not use a drug intended for animals of a different sex due to the distinctive concentration of active substances. That is, bitches are forbidden to give drops, pills for dogs and vice versa.

Side effects

With proper use, strict adherence to the dosages indicated in the annotation, there are no side effects.

Complications, side symptoms can develop only with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.


If it is not possible to acquire Sex Barrier or the dog does not tolerate this veterinary product, it can be replaced by other hormonal agents that have a similar principle of action, pharmacological properties.


  • Pillcan 5.
  • Pillcan 20.
  • Nonoestron.
  • Depogeston.
  • Covinan.
  • EKS-5T, EKS-20T.
  • Gestrenol.

Analogs that have a principle of action similar to the original should be selected by your veterinarian for your dog, since the uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs to suppress sexual hunting can lead to serious consequences (oncology, diabetes, obesity, endometritis).

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